Help me understand sandbox concept

How is this game getting better with more and more scripted events instead of more tools for players to do their ■■■■ around?

I may have missed something along the way, almost every week now there’s some poor excuse to remove skilling spree and put some “Go there, do that”.

Are we questing now in EVE?

What happened to old days where outta nowhere a system exploded with ships and people pew pew themselves? Do we need CCP to bait people for us now?

Mega lame, game concept is worse by the week. I don’t want more scripts, when I want to do some scripted ■■■■ I play WoW.

I want freedom and tools, I want the fking FW fixed, new missions, new modules, better criminal mechanics, less stupid PI, less botting, etc.

GG … not. Get your ■■■■ straight CCP, the unaware people already paid you and left, this is what left, for now…


You are absolutely free not to take part, at all.
you are also free to add your discordant melody to the theme of the moment.
I’m sorry you can not see the advances that have been made.
Try not to listen to bitter goons, they are not always right.


Be the change you wish to see. You want to see pew pew happen? Go make it happen.


The missions in EVE are too short to be called quests but SOE comes close. I think there’s nothing wrong with missions or quests in a sandbox game as long as the option to participate or not is there.
I don’t mind if CCP adds stuff to the game like Events and “quests”. I just want them to stop nerfing everything and changing the mechanics of the game to force the players to play one way or another. I also want them to stop affecting the game and the players under that stoopid “economy/diversity” excuse and go back to giving capsuleers more agency for more varied courses of action.

Seems like those two statements contradict each other.

You can do that. Buy 10,000 dollars worth of PLEX, pay an alliance to bring in 10, 15 titans and pew pew the ■■■■ out of a station and have them drum up a war.

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