Help me with my Blackbird build

Here is my BlackBird.
She is meant to fight at close range~25km.

High slots: 3rapid light missiles l + 1125mm autocannon gun l

Mid slots: 110MN Afterbunner l + 1Enduring Scanner by each colors ( 4slots, strength: 5.7 &1.9 ) +1*cap recharger ll

Low slots: 1800mm Crystaline Restrained plates + 1 Repair kit ll + 1* Mark1 Compact CapacitorRelay

Rigs: 1* Medium Particle Dispersion Augmentor l + 1* Medium Rocket Fuel Catche + 1* Medium Anti-Explosion pump.

Here is my questions:

  1. In wiki, many builds contain 1600mm armor plate, but in my simulation, the power grid brinks red… any solution for this?

  2. I tried to use 10MN cold MWD, but it drains my energy really fast…

I tried to fit power relay sets, but didn’t work…

  1. I play this ship as solo T1 PVE mission combat ship.

Is this build viable in T2 combat task?

  1. What is desireable strength of EMP?

why do you fit ecm modules on a pve mission combat ship?
blackbird is a caldari ship, i suppose it is usually shield tanked
you have no specific resist module except the damage control. Usually pve ships have resist modules directed toward the damage type dealt by npcs…

i don’t know what are the fits you found, but i would suggest

  1. to use the numerous mid slots for tanking, remove ecm modules, p
    ut some adaptive inv field and shield hardeners against specific damages, medium shield booster
  2. to use a caldari cruiser with bonuses for pure fight (for example caracal) rather than ecm-bonuses blackbird…
check this site, some builds contain hull slots fitting.

Anyway, as you said, I’m considering change my ship.
Thx for your reply.

There are skills and rigs that reduce the power need of modules, like (Advanced) Weapon Upgrades and Power Grid Management.

You should not run missions using a non stop running MWD, your signature blooms and thus you are hit much easier. Also you are too quick to keep optimal distance or even lock range. So the MWD is off most time and not consuming cap this way.

Lvl2 PvE should not be a problem, but your ECM modules are not really helpful, as stated in the posts above.

The Blackbird is a very specialised ship - it’s designed to support others by breaking the targeting locks on opponents. The Eve University fittings are all focused around that role. They save fitting space - power grid (PG) and CPU by using small weapons from frigates rather than medium sized cruiser weapons. The weapons are only there to deal with small ships that try to point (warp jam) them - they are not killing machines, they are support ships.

For mission running the Caracal and the Moa are better options - they are the Caldari combat cruisers. The four empires each have a set of cruisers that roughly pan out as one e-war support, one logistics (remote repair) support and a couple of combat ships of various weapon systems or tanking preferences. Generally for mission ships you are looking at combat cruisers since you are trying to kill NPCs.
The Amarrian Arbitrator is a bit of an exception - it’s an e-war cruiser which can be a reasonable mission runner, but generally…

The general approach is “what do I need a ship to do?” then pick a hull and fit it according to that need rather than “I like the , it’s pretty”. I’m lucky fly Amarrian ships: They are all pretty; but even then I use the right tool for the job.


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