Help needed for those who feel they want to help

Hi All,

I have started a crowd fund raise, for my friends in other countries that are in need as they kinda lost everything due to corona.

it is up to you if you want to donate 1 or 2 euro’s.

but if you want to help then I can only thank you and can build you a ship ingame as my thanks.

I am sorry to use the corp mail for this.


This is the text translated from Dutch into English.

There are people abroad who have lost their job due to corona and will therefore also lose their home and have no money to eat.
I have already sent thousands of euros myself and am now also empty.
That is why I ask for help through this route, I myself helped about 15 people to get back on their feet. I ask for a few euros and hope that help can be found.
thanks in advance

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