Please Help My Sister Come Home

So, long story short:
One of my sisters moved to Ecuador over a decade ago, where she had an increasingly terrible life (to the point where I feared for her life), and last year they (my sister, husband and kids) sold all they had to move back to Europe. They are now in France, but they’'re not allowed to stay there and will likely get deported back to Ecuador soon unless they leave. The only chance for my sister and her kids is for them to come to The Netherlands, back to me and her other family. But they need money for the move and the first 3 months of living here.
If this fails I will likely never see them again. Please share her GoFundMe far and wide and donate if you can.

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So…this thing went ok for a while, but it has pretty much stalled now. I’ve been trying to think of ways to draw more attention to this. I’ve thought of something, but I’m pretty sure the EULA and stuff will not allow me to, but I want to be sure.
@CCP_Convict, I have one of your corpses. I would like to raffle it among those who donate and/or share my sister’s gofundme. Could you check with CCP’s legal department if either of those is possible when it comes to the EULA and stuff, or if there’s something else I can do with your corpse that might help with this?

Although I wish you and your family all the best, im sure there are a lot of people struggling right now.

Its a bit difficult for anyone to think of and donate to others when they themselves are struggling.

Otherwise, i dont really see the reason why you need so much money. If they are truly fearing for their lives, you cant, you know, let them stay with you or something? Tickets cost like 200 dollars from france to the netherlands. Not quite sure what the other 5400 is for.

I don’t have the
1,151 Euro equals

1,728.35 Canadian Dollar,
and I’m stuck worse for 10 years.

I even have to go and apply for police work to put my life on the line to get a house due to abuse from war(s).

And did you stop and think that the people who gave you money would like a bit of an update after two months? Sorry, but a link with uncaptioned blurry pictures simply doesn’t cut it. Frankly, that just turned me off right there, not that anyone has much chance of getting more than thoughts and prayers out of me anyway.

And what does “went okay” mean? How much did you get and how much more is it going to take? Edit: Okay I see that on the page after bothering to even scan it.

And I will also say that this game is a magnet for people who want to scam their way through life, so yeah, guard up, always.

And I also bet there is significant financial, food and residence assistance available to residents of the Netherlands, even ones who are not legal.