Please Help My Sister Come Home

So, long story short:
One of my sisters moved to Ecuador over a decade ago, where she had an increasingly terrible life (to the point where I feared for her life), and last year they (my sister, husband and kids) sold all they had to move back to Europe. They are now in France, but they’'re not allowed to stay there and will likely get deported back to Ecuador soon unless they leave. The only chance for my sister and her kids is for them to come to The Netherlands, back to me and her other family. But they need money for the move and the first 3 months of living here.
If this fails I will likely never see them again. Please share her GoFundMe far and wide and donate if you can.
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So…this thing went ok for a while, but it has pretty much stalled now. I’ve been trying to think of ways to draw more attention to this. I’ve thought of something, but I’m pretty sure the EULA and stuff will not allow me to, but I want to be sure.
@CCP_Convict, I have one of your corpses. I would like to raffle it among those who donate and/or share my sister’s gofundme. Could you check with CCP’s legal department if either of those is possible when it comes to the EULA and stuff, or if there’s something else I can do with your corpse that might help with this?

Although I wish you and your family all the best, im sure there are a lot of people struggling right now.

Its a bit difficult for anyone to think of and donate to others when they themselves are struggling.

Otherwise, i dont really see the reason why you need so much money. If they are truly fearing for their lives, you cant, you know, let them stay with you or something? Tickets cost like 200 dollars from france to the netherlands. Not quite sure what the other 5400 is for.

And did you stop and think that the people who gave you money would like a bit of an update after two months? Sorry, but a link with uncaptioned blurry pictures simply doesn’t cut it. Frankly, that just turned me off right there, not that anyone has much chance of getting more than thoughts and prayers out of me anyway.

And what does “went okay” mean? How much did you get and how much more is it going to take? Edit: Okay I see that on the page after bothering to even scan it.

And I will also say that this game is a magnet for people who want to scam their way through life, so yeah, guard up, always.

And I also bet there is significant financial, food and residence assistance available to residents of the Netherlands, even ones who are not legal.

I’m the one fearing mostly for my sister’s life if she were to return to Ecuador. Me and my wife are not rich (if we were, the crowdfunding would not be needed) and live in a small rental house. We don’t really have the space for 6 more people, even if it would be allowed for them to stay here. It would also likely make it hard for my wife to keep her jobs, as she is working at home. Also, our family has a complicated history and part of them would not approve. Despite all this, we may take them in if there is no other option, but I really really hope it does not come to that.

The post you quoted is an update. My sister has posted updates on the gofundme. Also, people can see on the gofundme how well it is going. I’m not sure what kind of update you would like to get.

This will come to an end hopefully.

It is not, but as you can read in the gofundme, they received a 2000 euro private donation, so they lowered the goal. You can see the calculation my sister made about the amount they needed on the gofundme page. If you think the goal needs to be adjusted upwards, let me know why, please.

They don’t need the money for this. I have asked my sister about this and she assures me that they already have the required documentation, save for her husband.

I can understand suspicions that this could be a scam, but in all my time in EVE (since 2008) I have never scammed anyone, not even for ISK, and I think you’ll have a hard time finding anyone here claiming that I am a dishonest person.
I was the one who reported this security issue to CCP: EVE Online

So why are you fearing for their lives?

Not anytime soon, though.

Again, even 8000 isnt enough for 3 months. For 6 people? Isnt the cost of living for a single person around 1000 a month?

And saying “So you think i should raise the amount?” does nothing to alleviate our suspicions. You live there, you should know what the cost of living is for 2 people for 3 months. Times that by 3.

Required documentations for what?

Again, visas arent being issued. So what documentations do they have?

Youve been mostly inactive for a huge period of time during your time in EVE.

I think my sister would have a relatively high risk of dying from Corona there, as people in Ecuador have been dying in the streets during the pandemic.

Well, it seems it may not be any time soon that the goal is reached, so that may be good thing.

I did not ask this to alleviate your suspicions.
My sister writes she calculated the amount using site of the Nationaal Instituut voor Budgetvoorlichting (National Institute for Budget Information). I glanced at the numbers and they look alright to me. My wife and I have a combined income of below 2000/m and we do have some room to spend on non-essentials.

Passports/nationality. As an EU citizen, when travelling within the EU/Schengen zone, you don’t need visas as far as I know. At least I’ve never had to get or show one when travelling around. Not even when I went to Switzerland.

I guess that is a matter of perspective/opinion. When I last checked around 2019, I had spend well over 500 days in game. No other game I’ve played even comes close to 500 hours. Last year (which had been a relatively inactive year) I spend 240 hours in game. Since August 2010 (I lost logs prior to that), I’d say I’ve been mostly inactive for about 49 of the 128 months.

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The Gofundme Link was also removed, and the thread moved to OOPE.

It is unfortunate the situation you and your family is facing. However, advertising the gofundme link on the EVE-Online forums is prohibited.

I have decided to keep this thread open, on the basis that someone may have some knowledge, tips tricks or ideas on how to better help you and your family members out of the current situation they are facing. While my response and actions here are not what you are probably looking for it is the best I can offer.

Fly Safe,

It’s easier to EVE Mail him in-game or use another communication due to potential risk or amplification of risks, to find another method of communication.

Rest assured that they also don’t protect me nor my family,
and that they also are not making it easier for me to protect them either since they don’t protect me for it.

So yes, for efficiency of communication, and due to potential DDoS against their system, amongst other things, including but not limited to attacks against the communication as well as attacks against the communication systems to accomplish those communications, it is not only more cost-efficient to use other communication systems, but, also, more secured due to it.

After all, who wants to have communication in case of security problems be attacked with more attacks which causes more communication problems, while the attackers say the reason they do so is because they don’t understand and no one else cares, while, they themselves cause the lack of understanding, by seeking to cause the communication problems.

So yes, they are rather covert in their actions and, well, detected.

Due to the potential control problem which they either have, or, experience, or, seek to cause to others, and so on, it’s more efficient to use other systems for that.

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