Help please - login issue

(Darus Thorn) #1

Cab anyone please help me out. I cannot log in game since I came off last night. After character selection I get socket closed message. I have contacted the support / raised a ticket 3 hrs ago and still have no response. My laptop logs in normally so it must be some setting somewhere. I haven’t adjusted anything since I last logged in. Any ideas?

(Do Little) #2

In the launcher, click the menu - 3 horizontal bars at top right of window.

Start loglite to turn on logging.

Run basic network diagnostics to test your connection to the server.

Try to login and paste the log created by loglite into your support ticket.

Be patient, though you’re apt to hear back from support a whole lot faster if you include diagnostic information in your ticket!

(Malphas Invari) #3

@Darus_Thorn I am also having this issue :frowning:

(ISD Stall) #4

Firstly, regarding your ticket. It may take a while for customer support to response, as you can imagine things can be a bit busy when a new update is released.

If you’re having the issue on one specific computer it may be worth verifying your clients cache. To do this, open the launcher menu as described by Do Little, go to shared cache and click verify.