Help to pick an agent faction to do missions

Use “People & Places” and search for the agent’s names

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Sorry, I should have been more specific.

On MOST missions, there will be a tiny icon just to the left of the ‘Location’ field in the details. Attempting to attach a marked-up screenshot, which shows the icon for Guristas; indicating A) I will be battling Guristas, and B) My Guristas standings will almost definitely decrease after completing this mission. Had that icon been Amarr, which sometimes it is for other missions, I’ll instantly dlick ‘Decline’ without a second thought.

You will eventually learn to recognize all factions on sight just by this little icon, and reject any missions against empire factions.

Note that a few missions will have an absence of this icon; they are almost always safe to run without incurring a standing penalty toward any empire factions. EXCEPTION: Storyline missions. These will often have no icon, but will ALWAYS lower empire faction standings somewhere. While storylines often have great rewards, they produce swings (sometimes big!) in the 4 empire faction standings, so decide carefully if you’re going to run a storyline.


If you want to fly gallente, and doing L4, I recommend you do L4s for transstellar shipping.

if you are not into burners (huge skill requirement) it’s 1.5* the SoE iskl/lp.
you can go in orduin and you will have +10% isk/hour on the lp part than in lanngisi, less ganks, less people.


To answer your question, no - it’s not feasible to run missions for the purpose of acquiring tags to turn in for Data Center missions. It would take a massive number of missions, many of which are in low-sec.

Now - please consider the following points before you decide you want to do Data Center missions to increase your standing.

  • You will be spending massive amounts of ISK to purchase tags from the market. I think I did one data center mission and then stopped. Not only was I going to drop a ton of ISK, but I stopped because…

  • Data Center missions will DROP your standings with certain empire factions while raising it for others. That’s right - just like storyline missions, you take a HIT on one or more empire factions’ standing when doing Data Center missions. What really bothered me, and bare in mind that all of my Social skills are maxed, was that the drop in one or two factions was roughly equal to the gain in the other one or two factions. There was no point in my mind, given that I didn’t want to raise standings for just one faction, but all four of them.

If your goal is to quickly raise standing with a specific faction, and you don’t mind dropping it for others, and you have the cash, by all means purchase the tags from market and turn them in.

If you’re like me, however, and want to avoid taking hits to any empire standing as much as possible, there’s an alternate approach. Instead of giving up ISK, you’re giving up time.

A) Once every three months, run the SoE epic arc
B) Once ever three months, per faction, run the Level 4 Epic arc for that empire’s faction.

These are the two main methods I know to get a big standings boost with a given empire faction without taking any hits to the others. If you are diligent and willing to be mobile or use jump clones, you can theoretically stagger your 5 epic arcs and be running one every couple of weeks.

Because the SoE epic arc is so easy, there’s almost no excuse not to run it every 3 months. New-ish players may have trouble on a couple of the later missions, but the guides available will help.

Sorry if I got off-point, but I feel strongly anti-Data Center missions for the reasons I outlined.


This is some great information and I applaud @The_Larold for disseminating it, however, I personally don’t care about staying friendly with all four empires. I think choosing a side makes more isk. So take what both of us say with a grain of salt and make your own decision. If you want to do level 5s, it will be difficult to stay neutral. Level 5s have you losing/gaining considerable chunks of standing. My personal choice was to let Amarr plummet but keep my Caldari neutral so i can still go to Jita. I’m pretty much settled in where I am and won’t be moving, probably ever again. If you’re a nomad and still exploring empire, maybe staying neutral is a good idea.


I 100% agree with this. If you don’t care about standings with all 4 empire, you save a lot of time and hassle. Just understand the implications of what happens when you drop below -5, know what to expect, and keep a general eye on both your location, routes, and how close you are to dropping below -5.


On the topic of Data Centers, the standing gain and loss is basically 2 steps forward and 1 step back. If you alternate Factions, you will over time progressively raise all of them.

Purchasing the Data Center Tags from Market is the easiest and fastest way to get the required amount to complete the Data Center missions. I’ve found to get the best price available on Tags, it’s a good idea to check various Regional markets when traveling around the Eve Universe and take note of Tag prices in order to get the best deal available.

If you don’t really care about maintaining equal standings with all Empire Factions, I suggest you still keep watch on the Factions and don’t let them drop to -2.00 or lower standing, that way you’ll still be able to easily access their high level Agents via Corp standings in the future if needed.

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