Here I am, Back in high sec again. (music Playing)

Main and 2 alts full peg for mining and main has teeth for fighting when needed.

Looking to help Indy corporation, while getting a little help my self.

If you scan my past 6 months of employment ask me question before jumping to conclusions things will make more sense that way. LOL

Mainly looking for corporation with ops in Metropolis region. got tired of wild wild west dodging enmies and having rats that are better at pvp than your enemies. we ll that for now anyways.

Is it in in appropriate to have a one man op, and when someone comes in the belt and ask what your mining, to state the belt - yes the entire belt and the next two if time permits?

Also forgot to throw in M-F looking for Pacific Standard time as prime time or GMT-7.
So m-f 5:pm -11 pm PDT GMT -7 (Game time M-F 0000 - 0700 Sat /Sun I never know.

The belt is an appropriate answer.

Back to looking for corporation again. Made the move out of metropolis and decisions to join a corporation were based off of answers given in chat. Unfortunately answers will given without full knowledge of where the corporation was operating out of.

I can create my own corporation but I don’t have time to manage that. oh well the hunt for a new corporation begins yet again.

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