Hey, CCP. i know what your doing and i dont think its going to work

I think all skill requirements should be removed from ships. The skill bonuses and the skill requirements for other skills should remain intact. So for example, you can get into a HAC right away, but if you want to take advantage of the ship bonuses, you’ll still need the cruiser and HAC skills trained up.

Let people attempt to P2W by getting into the biggest ships right away. The game will be so much juicier if they do.


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You can design content like that by making forms of soft-control powerful enough that it beats raw applications of damage.

Tanking and Healing in others are essentially forms of control, Healing being so OP because it’s the control against the ultimate form of CC, Death.

Pretty much, if you make ALL the current electronic countermeasures mandatory to handle an NPC and make them potent enough that the addition of one pilot would bear just upping your dps on grid, people will bring more players the same way they feel like they have to bring a tank and a healer in other games.

Not sure if that’s a good idea…

There are ships I would fly even without any of the skill-related bonuses. Take for example a travel interceptor, a cyno recon, a suitcase carrier, a jump bridge titan.

We have pre-requisites for a reason. People who want to P2W into big ships can still make the same mistake you suggest with prereqs, by not training past the minimum skills and no support skills. :yum:

So, two points:

  1. Using ships outside their intended purposes is something generally reserved for high-end gameplay, and as such isn’t something that a new player who doesn’t want to wait would engage in.
  2. Certain use cases (like capitals, titans) are so expensive, that anyone buying their way into the ship could, and most likely would, buy their way into the skills as well.

So there would be little overlap. Most of the non-skilled use you’d see would be on the lower end (e.g. the day-old carebear sneaking money out of the anniversary gift fund to buy a Golem for running missions - true story by the way).

another more fair control would be if ccp simply made npc [shiptype] = a player’s [shiptype] T1/T2 pvp-fit.
and change how damage application works.
do like wow did and remove the “resilience gear” and make PvE and PVP damage application the same.
The foundation in skills is already there. Let’s take missiles skills
Target Navigation Prediction 10% decrease per level in factor of target’s velocity for all missiles.
Why only 10%? Why not 33% per level?
Guided Missile Precision 5% decreased factor of signature radius for all missile explosions per level of skill.
Why only 5% and not 33%?

if bombers could not fit torps… this would only affect the PvE weapons?
an only outliner could be Heavy missiles…? idk, perhaps the skill needs to be “advanced guided cruize/torp precision” ?
But of course, this all would be a 180 from the current ccp mindset, as they have actively empowered frig → cruisers size ship, they want them to be small fast piranhas that is immortal for bigger juicier fish.

This is word for word, what CCP wrote in the a-significant-update-to-industry:
As was discussed in the EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook blog from last December, 2020 was a year of rebuilding - with a focus on the long-term health and sustainability for our income, ensuring that only pvp- lifes matters, and that the loss of pve players is atleast 1b, per ganked ship, and that New Eden becomes a dynamic and ever-changing place.

yeah, dude. no.
if you pick PVP as your main activity, this is true, then you get sp very slow.
if you pick PvE you can have all cruisers, all t3c, all bs, all drones, all missiles, all (sub cap) guns V within a year - without having to spend RL$. (and even some cap skills)
(and of course all the “core” skills)

but yes, it’s true about the IRL skill progressions, I’m saying that the hard-capped skills can meet much earlier than one year. (but meh… it has been discussed, and AFAICT solo pvp is not the meta…)
And today thou… 100b is just for swag/brag… titans are really kinda worthless outside a big sov-war, and only then they can only be in station tethere-range and blap the invaders… in a year more, i belive all capitals are just gonna be expensive paper-weights, as ccp intends?

so there is no real incentive to pay the active omega subscription, if your not actively playing the game, you dont loss out on any “precious” training time, as ccp is nerfing the incentive to fly anything more then a cruiser.

thinking about missiles skills in general… its all messed up… but is it only me who thinks the Target Painters “bonus” is illogical?
Missiles are obviously proximity-activated? thus, having an enlarged false “proximity” area would in fact decrease the chance to hit the actual target.
TP’s just provides a false signature, they are not an actual enlargment beam?

why is TP even a thing?
why ain’t it called “laser point/tag” … you know the things armys recons soldiers use “to paint” the target for their incoming air missiles.

And here I was sitting 'n thinking that, in outer space, when a ship and an asteroid hit each other and the ship harmlessly goes boing while the asteroid remains motionless, that was pretty illogical.

not really illogical in the same sense, I understand what your talking about. Is a game mechanic that differs slightly from reality.
BUT, As long as one of the two bounces off, It can be explained in reality, if we assume that the roid/rocks/field have their own gravitational pull/weight, that act as a force anchor, that is far stronger/greater than the force of a colliding ship… then only the ship would bounce.

Also, I’m no miner, but I think I read somewhere that 1 asteroids could be 1 million+ in m3?
post ccp nerfs ofc, so at least at some point in time, it made logical sense that only the ship would bounce.
CCP should introduce bouncing asteroids thou, it’s logical on many levels.
CCP take an official stand against pve already… enough with this “temporary… lol” starvation period. Very tiresome, lets begin the era of pvp-only and lets see how that turns out.

That’s not how physics works.

yes. you are right, I am sorry.
now I remember…
every time a spaceship re-enters from space and hits earth, the earth moves a couple of inches. This was a great headache for NASA science until they discovered that they could launch the space ship on the other side of the re-entry area … thus rebalancing the earth’s movement to stop the earth from spinning into the sun.
as usual, you are correct, I take off my hat.

its also why airplane traffic controls around the globe has to perfectly match every plane taking off and landing… the force that hits the earth surface has to be in perfect equilibrium … or else… we will launch ourselves into the universe, and we forgo the proximity to the sun… and we all die and all life will cease to exist.

Bit of an exageration but true.

You should read up on how gravity and bodies in motion works.

Reading up on gravity has never given me as much intuition on gravity as playing some Kerbal Space Program.


Universe Sandbox lets you do really silly things with gravity, and speed.

I shall not read up on gravity and bodies in motion, nor will I argue against your idiotic bs as you are a forum troll that will deflect and change the subject when proved wrong, just like destiny.
We both know you are just here to ■■■■ on everything and derails any topic you can.

I simply said that an in-game occurrence, previously stated in this thread, could be explained logically with known physics if given certain rules.
unlike the ingame module known as “target painters”… which seems to be some kind of “enlargement ray”.
Because it cannot give a positive “buff” in its current state, a larger “false”/shadow sig radius actually makes the missile trigger an explosion further away from the actual ship, thus apply less damage to the true sig radius.

This illogicality could however simply be avoided by changing target painters into a laser tag that applied to tracking OR some kind of space “magnetic/funnel”-projection that twisted the space, so more bullets/missiles applied to the target ship … instead of something silly like an bigger sig radius/enlargment ray.

and this entire discussion is off topic.
and eve missile application formula is yuk. and also… target painters generelly suck.

#make tp great (again?)
it really have the potential to bridge the VERY LARGE gap between pve and pvp ships.

Its just how physics works but whatever man.

If only you also knew how real world laser painting for artillery works, they you wouldnt criticise me for pointing out a factual flaw, then proceed to show your ignorance of that field too.

Youre the one that just derailed it, so I guess you are trolling your own thread.

Laser painters have nothing to do your theories regarding CCP and Pay to Win, and neither does your (false) accusation that Im trolling you.

Also, if you dont want people to troll you, maybe think about being less rude to people?

Whatever man, you just want to argue about how in your opinion Target Painters arent magifying the target’s sensor footprint for the benefit of a ship’s targetting system.

CCP and pretty much everyone else disagrees vOv

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I’m a tad sorry that you really believe that’s how physic works, I cannot/don’t want to help you get smart.

more trolling… lots of words. not really saying anything… mixing two separate arguments into one. the only thing that is clear " you dont know - i know!!" … so much argue skills. lol.

aww, if you don’t want people to be rude on the internet.
1st lesson. unplug the internet?
2nd lesson. Stop repeat trolling the same guy’s, different threads on the internet.
3de. stop read other people’s words in your own frame of mind - it’s less likely that YOU will project your own attitude on those words… learn to stop hitting yourself.

source pls?

This ridiculous conversation is what you wanted to do today?

lol begone troll.

There’s no reasoning with some people.

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reapet of the words in all other of my topics that you came shitting into.
perhaps one would think you’d learn.

also. on topic. Yes i do know.
the use of millitary Laser tags help guide an air-to-land missile to its designated target, its has nothing to do with “artilllery” wich is land/sea-to-land missiles.