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I’ve been a player of Eve since 2006. What I loved about the game was being able to build, mine, create, invent, and then put things on the market to sell, and maybe doing an L4 mission or two. As a result, I play exclusively in Hi Sec. Changing Hi Sec by adding these roaming triglavian ships outside of the invasion systems, FOBs, and now the emerging conduits with this latest update, has essentially turned it into NPC low-sec. It’s made it nearly impossible for players to remain an industrialist as a career path. I’ve read many responses that claim hi-sec should just be a precursor to moving to null sec. I certainly hope CCP doesn’t feel that way as well. I was a part of the old xSMASHx alliance in null sec and it wasn’t for me. I know there’s always a risk-reward when it comes to playing Eve but these recent changes have added far too much risk for the rewards hi sec offers. I hope CCP will reconsider the changes they’ve done to Hi Sec and at the very least bring some semblance of normalcy back to it.

I am pretty sure CCP is reviewing and analyzing the impact of their changes, but I am confused as to how these changes make it ‘nearly impossible’ to do any of the things on your list.

A fresh faced newbie in my corporation has been mining and trying to make their own gear and hasn’t once asked me how to deal with FoB rats or Triglavians. I get questions on how to use the UI for manufacturing purposes, but as a player from 2006 I’m sure that’s no sweat for you.

What is it that stops you from being able to do these things? Can’t you mine or manufacture in a system that is relatively undisturbed? I still feel there’s a great deal of difference between high and low security space, and have so far found the Triglavian invasion interesting, and the problems they present to be fairly mild or transient.

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He doesnt want to leave w/e 1 system hes in.

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CCP is currently progressing a story line with the Triglavian stuff. i would not expect the roaming Trigs, Emergent Anoms or invasions to be a complete set of permanent fixtures. (this is my personal speculation as CCP have not commented in this regard yet). they are leading to the actual permanent content CCP has planed. what this is yet is uncertain but i would expect it will be the permanent implementation of Trig materials farming outside of Philli Space.

i would not say that this has killed High sec indi. just ment that the pilots involved need to be more attentive.

maby CCP could adjust spawn size and composition of Trig rats that guard belts in invasion systems. so that miners could make use of the mining laser buff that is present when an invasion spawns.

completely off the wall here but how about a filament that causes a breach that spawns Trig asteroids (like those found in the new anoms) for miners to harvest before the breach is closed. maybe with a “small” manageable trig defense spawn

High Security space originally created for new or solo players or even small groups. Mining is boring as hell and miners often watch videos of play other games or even they dare to walk away from keyboard to feed their pets of answer a phone call. That is not against EULA, so it is legal to leave your ship in asteroid field to do it’s very boring job. In low security space it is risky, because rats are hanging around with battleships (with bounty on it! Tirglavs and diamond FOB rats not have any bounty or loot). That was the point of high security space, you can mine on your own if you do not want to obey orders of other people, or simply you are a lone wolf type. (okay I know it is a mmo game with other people)

Sightly Triglavian invasion and FOBs are a direct aggression against high security dwellers, force them to leave their homes and join some null alliance. Cui Bono? It has only benefits for null alliances, because triglavians and FOB diamond rats will do the dirty job (what job can not be done by CODE. and other player pirates) to eradicate the concurrency on mineral market. If high security miners die, only null alliances can fuel the factories. (do you remember Band of Brothers? And tech II BPOs? If not, a quick rundown: somehow 90% tech II BPOs went to BOB in the BPO lottery. Now I think it is the same, but in an unashamed way.)

CSM formed by alliance leaders based in null, so they won’t do anything about us, noob hig-sec dwellers. Jut trying to push down on our throat, that all is for us, it is a great and interesting content etc. Thank you.

CCP should start create real content for the game. Do you remember station walk? We thought we can walk around on stations, do missions on foot, land on planets and construct bases etc. We got PI… Thank you. I have to admit, PI is better than nothing. So we need real content, not a pain in our bum.

BTW if it is an anti-bot system, I must inform you all: bots able to avoid triglas, simply they will warp away when the dam thing detects a trig ship on overview. But a guy who decent and not violating any EULA and simply go and feed his cat, found his pod instead of his Orca. Thank you.

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This assumes that all highsec miners are weak carebears who can’t fight or defend themselves, which is so obviously false that I’m not even going to read the rest of the post.

The less bears hog the mining profession (the single most important of them all), the more there’s room for people who will use mining as a way of finding fights. The sole reason why we’re not having a more competitive mining environment is because minerals are too cheap, not scarce enough and it’s too safe.

If highsec was more built around competitive mining, giving actual options for fighting back against people with a dozen ungankable Orcas farming belts, then there’d not be any shortage of content whatsoever.

Actual EVE content, not PvE.


Highsec has never been totally safe. There have always been risk that someone or something may blow up your ship. CCP themselves have said that time and again. Highsec also wasn’t designed for solo-players or small groups. It was just designed with different rules to other places.

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Id like to see rorquals allowed in highsec. Its a much underused ship, allow it in hs but not deployed

Rorquals are underused? Seriously? lol

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I agree- I would love to see Rorquals in high sec,

…with a suspect timer. :slightly_smiling_face:


FoBs would be ok if they would have stayed one per region like CCP said they would be when they came out. The most FoBs I have seen in one region is 6. FoBs rats can and do spread out three jumps from where they spawn after a cpuple days. That would mean that 6 Fobs can cover 35-42 systems if FoBs are spaced out. I have even seen multiple FoBs spawn right next door to each other. The FoB rats scram and kill just about everything they find.

The trigs kill the heck out of AFAK players but don’t scram. The trig invasion systems are just a no go for anything not PvE fitted and expensive or large groups.

The Trigs make mining very hard if no impossible to do without warping out multiple times or being part of a good mining fleet. The Bloodraiders make mining impossible PERIOD! Anytime there is FoB in a system it is no go system.

I don’t agree with this. FOB rats and trigs have made it tougher but certainly far from impossible. Uve just got to adapt and pay more attention. If this stops u watching netflix or reading while mining, or makes u think about ur haul route and the risks then this is a good thing.

If ur logged in then play, be engaged.

My only concern with the trig recons are the number of rookies being blapped. This actually encourages them to stay in rookie systems.

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i am really interested to know what kind of risk, real one not three npc gangs that any good expensive fit should counter, or isk damages have you suffered? hint even a second account can be plexxed every other month by an established player

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