Hi Sec Changes

I’ve been a player of Eve since 2006. What I loved about the game was being able to build, mine, create, invent, and then put things on the market to sell, and maybe doing an L4 mission or two. As a result, I play exclusively in Hi Sec. Changing Hi Sec by adding these roaming triglavian ships outside of the invasion systems, FOBs, and now the emerging conduits with this latest update, has essentially turned it into NPC low-sec. It’s made it nearly impossible for players to remain an industrialist as a career path. I’ve read many responses that claim hi-sec should just be a precursor to moving to null sec. I certainly hope CCP doesn’t feel that way as well. I was a part of the old xSMASHx alliance in null sec and it wasn’t for me. I know there’s always a risk-reward when it comes to playing Eve but these recent changes have added far too much risk for the rewards hi sec offers. I hope CCP will reconsider the changes they’ve done to Hi Sec and at the very least bring some semblance of normalcy back to it.

I am pretty sure CCP is reviewing and analyzing the impact of their changes, but I am confused as to how these changes make it ‘nearly impossible’ to do any of the things on your list.

A fresh faced newbie in my corporation has been mining and trying to make their own gear and hasn’t once asked me how to deal with FoB rats or Triglavians. I get questions on how to use the UI for manufacturing purposes, but as a player from 2006 I’m sure that’s no sweat for you.

What is it that stops you from being able to do these things? Can’t you mine or manufacture in a system that is relatively undisturbed? I still feel there’s a great deal of difference between high and low security space, and have so far found the Triglavian invasion interesting, and the problems they present to be fairly mild or transient.

He doesnt want to leave w/e 1 system hes in.

CCP is currently progressing a story line with the Triglavian stuff. i would not expect the roaming Trigs, Emergent Anoms or invasions to be a complete set of permanent fixtures. (this is my personal speculation as CCP have not commented in this regard yet). they are leading to the actual permanent content CCP has planed. what this is yet is uncertain but i would expect it will be the permanent implementation of Trig materials farming outside of Philli Space.

i would not say that this has killed High sec indi. just ment that the pilots involved need to be more attentive.

maby CCP could adjust spawn size and composition of Trig rats that guard belts in invasion systems. so that miners could make use of the mining laser buff that is present when an invasion spawns.

completely off the wall here but how about a filament that causes a breach that spawns Trig asteroids (like those found in the new anoms) for miners to harvest before the breach is closed. maybe with a “small” manageable trig defense spawn