Hi-Sec ganking needs harsher penalties to security status

I recently performed “avenging” gank to other ganker’s scout (Stiletto) with Thrasher and Thorax and surpizingly found that my SECURITY STATUS decreased s00o little, like if I aggress someone in lowsec!!!

This is outrageous.

Gankers already have cheap ships which can dish out tons of DPS, why to empower them even more?

It seems, that someone in dev team overlooked this topic.

I resume - penalty for aggressing players in hi-sec should be much harsher.


  • if aggressor’s SS is more than 0.0 THEN decrease it to 0.0
  • if aggressor’s SS is in range of -4.9 - 0.0 THEN decrease it to -5.0
  • if aggressor’s SS is in range of -10.0 - -5.0 THEN decrease it to -10.0

But fear not! Outlaw folk still can easily renew their reputation at CONCORD stations for security TAGS! But the price will be higher. So you gank ONLY when it’s really-really needed (high-value target, or personal favor etc…).

What do you think?

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The penalty is podding.

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Pointless, the negative sec status doesn’t make it more easier for the gen pop to enact justice.

this is what I personally recommend that the player shoots a ship they should lose 0.1 every time they hit the target and if they successfully destroy the target they should lose 1.0 this will put a limit on how many ships they can shoot at right now blowing up somebody only cause 0.1 I know cuz I used to gank people it’s very lucrative right now somebody can kill hundreds of ships before they get kicked out it should be four or five instead right now it’s an activity somebody can do all day I think it should be cut down a peg I think you should only be able to do it like maybe two to three times a day before you have to do something about your status

Players could fight ganking pretty easily if they would be willing to cooperate only half as much as the gankers do. But they compete solo vs gangs and wonder why the gang is more successful.

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Punishment should fit the crime if we want to build more-less balanced environment.

Currently, gankers only risks with their cheap ships (around ~20mil for cruiser and ~100mil for Battlecruiser like Tornado).

No matter how hard you tank your Industrial, if it hauls around ~1bil - it’s 100% worth ganking! (=be profitable).

Observe: you only need 3-4 20mil Cruisers to kill almost any Industrial ship! That doesn’t look balanced to me.

About cooperation: yes, people can deploy fast-locking jams/damps on frigate hulls and patroll certain spots like Uedama… but WHO WILL PAY FOR THEIR TIME? :slight_smile:

I mean, gankers have that loot from victims but what anti-gankers might have? Drops from gank ships? (check their lossmails - not much to loot there hehe:)

It does. You maybe lose a ship, everyone who attacks you loses a ship for sure. If you chose to field a very expensive one, who is responsible for that? I mean:

  • you know they are out there.
  • you know they want to kill you.
  • you know they will succeed if they catch you.

What else do you need to know to make a proper plan?

Well… if you already got that math, the two solutions are obvious, are they not?

  • a) you can’t rely on tank alone when hauling more than around ~1bil, so you need other means of protection
  • b) you shouldn’t haul more than around ~1bil if you have no other options than the pure tank of your ship

You need a lot more to kill a freighter. You need a lot more to kill an Orca. You can’t even kill a BlockadeRunner that you can’t catch. You will even need a lot more to kill an active-tanked DST with overheated hardeners. And again more if that hauler has an HG-amulet/nirvana set in the head. And thats only your solo options. Imagine what protection you could have when flying in a group, like the gankers do!

You, obviously. Since you want the protection. Who is paying those who support the Gankers? The looters, the scanners, the decloakers? The remote-Sebo-ships?

Thats the problem. People get blown up in their solo-haulers, complain about ganking being imbalanced but don’t want to share their trading profits with AntiGankers. Be the change you want to see. If you can’t or don’t want to use own alts, pay people to scout for you, web you into warp, bring fleetboost or remote-repairs for your trip. Scan a Wormhole-Shortcut for you.

The main gank systems are trivially easy to avoid if your hauling.
It’s only a self imposed time frame that “forces” you to go through Uedama (for example).
Even then, scouting the gate and gathering some very basic Intel is enough to avoid 99% of ganks.
If you can’t be bothered to find another route (cough wormhole cough), or gather some Intel before loading up your hauler with 5b in the hold, that’s on you.
Miner ganks just require a little bit of attention or a scout on the gate to avoid. With the huge buffs to barge/ exhumer ehp, you need more than just a couple of gank ships to succeed.
Honestly, most people that get ganked brought it on themselves.

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Because Destruction makes CCP money.
But I believe that every capsuleer should be a ganker.

Maybe my time is worth more to me than EVE online. If I have to spend 4 hours travelling a 20 minute route, you think im gonna spend those 4 hours and pay CCP for it?

You fukken high?!

That shows a distinct lack of imagination.
Do you need to travel that route RIGHT NOW? Or can you be a little flexible and wait for a quieter period? Can you leave a scout on the gate and wait for the gankcrew to fire on someone else, then scoot through while they all have GCC timers?
Did you check for Thera connections nearby? Scout for a likely wormhole?
Or can you just contract it to red frog and get them to move it?
You have options beyond taking the long way round or running the gauntlet blind.

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