Hidden Values, Impact Overheat, & Threshold Warnings


(Valdr Auduin) #1

Min/maxing isn’t bad, until it is. What enables a fully optimized build or flowchart is perfect knowledge of physical numbers. Real-world optimization is constant struggle against the vagaries of quantum mechanics, the incomplete nature of general physics, and the raw depth of pixelation in the system. In a game? high-level objects are often described in fullness by a concise notepad document and can be further compressed into raw mechanics and shorthand notation. Solving game optimization is easy- but only so long as you can see the numbers at work and have a certainty in their mechanism of function.

Hide the numbers, lampshade them with lore that approximates the game statistics, energy imparted at [x] distance under testing conditions, energy ranges, newtonian values (already done with propulsion systems).

Similarly, take away the clean data and percentages in the healthbars and charge groups, give flat color-coded indicators:

  • Orange (Overheating) - Flashing Indicator, Intermittent Buzzer
  • Blue (95%+)
  • Green (80%~95%) - Intermittent Warning Blips
  • Yellow (60%~80%) - Repeating Warning
  • Red (20%~60%) - Steady Alarm, Klaxon and Lights
  • Black (0~20%) - Silence

Another thought to add to this dynamic is letting damage over a certain amount, determined however, from hull class ratings to a model-specific value, deal overheat damage to modules. Hitting this threshold on shields puts overheat ticks on low-slots; armor thresholds tick over low and mid slots; hull threshold puts overheat ticks on everything.

(yellow parasol) #2

What’s the purpose, though? From what I read, it’s excessive, annoying, distracting flashing and beeping people will just turn off.

Can you elaborate?

(Cade Windstalker) #3

This isn’t needed, perfect optimization in Eve isn’t possible because it has the greatest hidden value ever invented. People as opponents.

There are times when a Tracking Enhancer will do you more good than another damage mod, there are times when your gun choice is just wrong.

The closest Eve gets to a solved game is when people decide on a general fit or selection of fits that cover enough bases to more or less deal with whatever is going to be thrown at it/them. This works right up until someone finds a counter to that fit or fits and then the whole meta table flips again.

We really don’t need the UI giving less precise information or adding some kind of RNG based module damage system as a way to “improve” the meta.

Also the values on propulsion modules aren’t obfuscated. There are formulas you can plug those numbers into and get the performance of your ship with that module under various conditions. If you couldn’t things like Pyfa wouldn’t work.