Hide your haulers, Hide your Hulks, They are PKing everyone out there!


On the forums, everyone will need to start to use the “PKing” (Player Killing) and “Pkers” (Player Killers) because the following actions can be defined as hardcore PVP :

  • mining ore
  • doing missions
  • manufacturing
  • hauling
  • trading (or even scamming) in Jita

I hope this will reduce the “But your PVE is actually PVP.” replies every x posts on posts of disgruntled PVE players that got caught offguard by a .CODE agent and got a (PK) spankering!

I prefer to say “PvPing” or “ganking”. The word “PKing” reminds me too much of peeking.



In the same spirit we should now all call millions kk, billions kk… eeh no, that doesn’t work here. Let’s not be silly op.


Is there a killmail you can show us to prove this?

Paging @jim_era, Jim Era to Aisle 16.


I don’t get it

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Must be some “far-over-there” country trying to use troll factories to make us mad at each other.
You can tell by the bad speeling.

Edit:And weirder word usage.

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Don’t post everything you think


I Don’t Care. I Don’t Mine Or Kill.


If you could even grasp the weird things I think about EVE Online… man, if I would just post EVERYTHING I think about how this universe functions… mmm stares blank

May I request a sample? I’m a collector of rare thoughts.

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The opposite will be done…PVP will be restricted to low and 0.0 only…

That’s the way this game will go…


Because the market wants it this way…

The “PVP everywhere game” time is at end even if some will try to hinder it…pvp only in special areas like in nearly any other game is coming…and this is good news…

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No it is not, if CCP had kept a proper eye on the game balance in hisec it would never have come to this.


Times change bro…

You have to react to the market and if other games prosper with pvp only areas the choice is clear…At least if you aren’t a white knight that sees those changes as “the end of eve”…

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I feel there is still a place for it in hisec in spite of how bad it is now, however it may be that hisec turns into such a stale and boring place where only mutual wars are possible. I hope not, but being a more hard core game in a world where everyone is special is actually a good thing, so we shall see.


No, you want it this way. What makes you think you can speak for what “the market” wants?

As far as I know, most of the market of Eve is playing Eve right now, and most of them enjoy the danger of PVP everywhere.

No, the “PVP everywhere game” is at an end in certain games that cater to people who do not wish to play PVP in the first place, such as World of Warcraft which has had PVE servers as far as I can remember.

Eve on the other hand is unique in the “PVP everywhere” and “Consequences on death” combination, which is how it draws more people to the game, even in this time. I got drawn to Eve last year, because of this.

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Reinstate WiS (Walking In Station) and add furry costumes (buy from the shop), have the ability to invite more people to a quarters, maybe even charge for extra room(s) types, so people can do “it” in the CQ, toilet, shower, party hangar, the secret ‘rope’ room -that’s with an O you perverts! And so much more…

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“50 Shades of EVE” :smile:

I cannot get the word “assault” out of my head. I keep thinking it has the ingredients for a good EVE joke: ass, salt and u. Just cannot think of anything.

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