Type's of ganking

Was just chatting on Reddit about types of gankers and there motivation and I said belt gankers are essentially griefers, we all know permit sales are a scam so all that’s left is skull doggery.

Or am I missing something

See you in space soon

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Snowflake gunkers would have to be my favorite type!

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Calm down miner.


I have always wondered whether the people doing this wanted their victim to try to go after them in some way, but the few times that happened it seemed that the gankers would do complete evasion as in gank elsewhere to run their ability to pick and choose. So I realised that this was not to create a point of conflict with someone, but more to declare their superiority against someone in a mining ship. Which always seemed rather odd to me.


Drac is salty about not being able to get easy Pk kills…

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If you pay for a permit you have no one to blame but yourself.


OMG…we haven’t had a thread on ganking for ( pick one )…

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I’m a belt griefer!


Sorry to hear that.

There’s no griefers in a PvP game where practically anything goes.

Welcome to EvE.

:point_up:that :point_up:


as long as it is not a gwanker…

That is actually what I did. I used my main (this char) as a scout and a looter. Most gankers use a low SP alt for this. I was usually using a Venture or some other fragile ship and had another alt in an Orca where I stored the loot.

The gank made the miner mad and the looting gave me a suspect status. It is the perfect bait, because it looks like being part of a regular gank operation. The Orca isn’t suspicious in a mining belt and it’s not obvious it belongs to the operation.

The initial idea was that the miner would come back in their mission ship or something and try to kill the Venture, at which point I would then switch to my Sleipnir and kill them. It ended up giving me a lot of Orca kills instead, as some random idiot would always send the drones after me or something.

Obviously it’s a trick you can’t repeat too often in the same location. I had to move quite a lot. This is why I ended up setting my staging system in Thera, where I had 4 random high sec connection, and the Orca came the long way around in high sec while I was setting everything up.

Also I lost that Sleip more than once to an organized counter operation :sweat_smile:

I’m not aware that someone else did something similar though. I also didn’t really advertise it that much, because it was dependent on not being a widely known strategy. I even got some very fun wardecs out of it, where I ended up butchering whole corporations solo. I also made some dumb mistakes and lost a Marauder to a failed experimental attempt to scale my solo warfare and take on a fleet of battleships and battlecruisers :rofl:


I gank to maintain total control of the resources in my constellation. Everyone in the region understands that mining in a certain constellation is asking for it, so they stay away. That leaves all the anoms and resources for my friends and I.

It pays to be a winner:


Calm down miner.

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Anyway, seems that fire is constantly being fanned in the forums despite having other active threads on the same topic…


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No we don’t Githany.

Is your’s upto date?

Why so Frosty Frosty?

Well Keena, Frostpacker would be extremely gratified to mention that our favorite type of gunker is a Pilot who demands firm order, cries out for attention and finally one who through their hard efforts in New Eden are rewarded. o7

Goes with the shiny boots of leather…

Was just asking about types of ganking , it’s a part of the game I’m happy to say , but just because we have other post on a very large subject doesn’t mean I can’t ask about belt gankers,

One good answer thank you , oh btw what constellation and do you know Governor Lee :blush:

And yes I know the correct procedure to fix my permit issue but you know that.

laughs in Mykoserocin