High Damage Slicer

Hi all … have decided to try and learn more about solo PVP, specifically in Frigs. Was out in FW space yesterday in a Breacher for the first time. My first fight was with a Comet, came close but let him get in too close to me and ended up losing by a hair. My next fight was with a Slicer, and here is my question. I went to keep long range (15-20km) but he went out to +40km, out of range for my missiles, and was hitting me with focused Lasers at 150-225 damage per hit. That amount seems high, and playing with fittings don’t see how he was doing it. Is that normal for damage from a Slicer?

Yes, a standard fit beam Slicer will get that kind of range using T2 long range crystals (aka Aurora), which are equivalent to Standard crystals in terms of damage.

Ok … understand the range part … its the damage that seems high to me. Was taking from 150 to 332 every 3 seconds. From what I can see on zkill his normal fit is two Small Focused Beam Laser II‘s. Is that the normal damage that they can produce?

IDK how Slicer DPS is supposed to translate to the numbers you see on the screen. In a frigate 100 DPS will eventually kill you so yeah, it’s perfectly normal that the incoming 120 DPS was noticable.

which are equivalent to Standard crystals in terms of damage

You can copy-paste this fit into pyfa to see for yourself

[Imperial Navy Slicer, FBM 24 5]

Heat Sink II
Extruded Compact Heat Sink
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Warp Disruptor II

Small Focused Beam Laser II, Aurora S
[Empty High slot]
Small Focused Beam Laser II, Aurora S

Small Energy Locus Coordinator I
Small Energy Locus Coordinator II
Small Energy Locus Coordinator II

Aurora S x2
Gleam S x2
Imperial Navy Gamma S x2
Nanite Repair Paste x64


Depends on what extra midslot and lowslot modules were used.

Heatsink will increase damage var ROF and Damage bonus, but don’t always apply fully.

But anything that increases tracking will improved damage type, going farther out just means the turrets don’t have to track hard to keep on target, so any extra helps to achieve penetrating or smashing damage.
Use a tracking computer with tracking script, target painter or web allhelps to improve that tracking hit bonus.

Ideally being in tight will cause tracking towork hard and thus achieve low hit types, where you missile might end up gaining the advantage.


As in the 2 mid slot Imperial Navy Slicer… Meaning you get to fit a prop mod and a point.
Then you can fiddle with 5x low slots, fitting 2x heat sink, nano, 2x whatever you think is best here.

Thanks all … see now how this was happening

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