High Sec and New Player Experience Are Tied - Make a change CCP

Because those of us who play for fun rather than just take the same route as the “mainstream” who all fly the same ship, optimised the same way, and see iskcumulation as the only goal have stuck around longer, most likely.


NO! YOU leave first! And F- mainstream !

I signed up for “pew-pew” and battles and piracy and BOOMS!!!
I don’t play EVE to collect resources and sit there looking at how much ISK I have, I didn’t sign up to build things, I play EVE to destroy them.

If you want a space game to collect resources and build stuff YOU can leave and play Space Engineer or a half dozen other boring games in that mainstream dumpster of yours.

EVE is a PvP game, the only reason PvE exists is to support the PvP side. Take out PvP and it’s not EVE anymore. New Eden is a WARZONE!! I’m training skills to hunt you and utterly destroy you. I’m playing EvE because I want to be a pirate and engage other players who understand that “ganking” ( which basically amounts to Piracy ) is fair play.

You want to play a Space Tourist ? Be ready to get boarded and killed! Aaaargh!!!


Im startin ta warm to ya


You’re ok in my book.


ok. ok

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How can it be a problem where the whole point of eve is that pvp can happen anywhere at any time?

The ‘problem’ with ganking is more that some players fundamentally misunderstand the core design of eve.

And here is a prime example.


The “problem” with ‘ganking’ is that it’s a made-up word.
It was first used in 1987.
Merriam-Webster dictionary says:
ganked; ganking; ganks
Definition of gank
Transitive Verb
-------US slang----- ( made up word )
to rob or defraud (someone).

First Known Use of gank

1987, in the meaning defined above

Crybabies have been using slang to give the in-game activity a negative connotation and the ‘Gankers’ mistake was to accept it to describe the perfectly viable and allowed activity in this game.

I don’t want to be someone described by a slang word in EVE. The proper words are Pirate and Piracy.

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The problem with ganking is that ganking is a core part of the game and that some players fail to understand that.

Sure, it is possible to tweak how ganking works and I’m not opposed to changes or improvements to how ganks happen. But ganking as a concept is a fundamental part of the game.


Ironic or not,this is exactly the ‘solo pew pew’ mindset i’m talking about.
People really think this and again…i find this sad because this is a game that could be so much more,but is overrun by these loudmouthed ‘pvp is king and never has to change’ people you cannot even talk or argue properly with because they are so brainfucked that everybody that has slight different approach or idea is only an enemy.

I’m not saying that eve is the only game people like this exist but in this they emass way too much and ccp has to tell them to **** off,because those people take themselves,their gamestyle and therefore their opinion how this game has to be way too serious.

Yea, I too find it sad that you have to call people “brainfucked” for liking PvP in a PvP game… OH the IRONY.

You’re not an enemy. You’re merely cannon fodder.

As i said.

Enemies all around in the mindset of those poor people.
Thank you for proving it.

So sad.

Do you even know how to read english?

Again, you are NOT an enemy. Just cannon fodder.

PvP is CORE part of the game, which means the game rests on it.
If you have a problem with PvP you have a problem with all of EVE. Uninstall it.

Please stop answering you are just proving my words despite thinking to do the opposite.

You only blame yourself funny rabbit and just don’t get it :slight_smile:

This is starting to get funny.

You and your try to justify yourself while exactly behaving like i pointed out as an example of how people like you seem to be…

Thank you…your behaviour proofs more than a thousand words :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like my replies.
Have a nice day.

We haven’t had that long in a while.

Why are wardecs an issue now?

another genius ( not realy ) thinking that he is speaking for the whole community

Too easy to avoid?

Oh … that!
I didn’t think of it from this perspective.



I remember the day you could dec a group for being too mouthy in local…or on the forums.

I remember when you could dec someone trying to move into your area…and resources.

I remember when you could dec someone for the fun or the hell of it…

its getting to the point (if not there already) where you have to gank everyone now. cause of war eligibility status.


I wish I could open my corporation up to incoming wars at least. It’s like, I have to spend money and time managing a structure just to let other people have the opportunity to have revenge on me for what I post here.

lol CCP, they broke their ■■■■ so badly, it’s actually kind of humorous at this point.

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