High sec ganking

Surely this can be closed as a rant…

We need a “Main Anti-Ganking Thread” that all these discussions can be dumped into.


Looks like you have no clue about police, you twinkytoe.

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25 Expansions, hundreads and hundreads of changes.
Moaning didnt change any of that, like it or not my idea is out.

Yes, and it will get burried underneath all the other rubble.
Just like the rest the next thread.

I hope you’re not seriously thinking this thread, is going to make any difference? I mean, I understand if you do, because apparently nowadays it’s the norm to have an absolutely unrealistic sense of self importance, thanks to modern media and propaganda, while there’s literally nothing to ever back that nonsense up, but still … you really think it matters?

Then you should propose raising market taxes, maybe.

If it’s realism, you can’t even board a space ship to start with.

IMO talking about realism in a video game is not relevant, unless focused on specific field that the game intend to be realistic with.
What’s more important is consistency.

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