High sec hauling (NPCs)

I’m coming back to Eve after a 2 year break, so trying to get my head around the changes - particularly with high sec hauling. If I’m hauling gate to gate to station- what should I do to stay safe from NPCs? I’m not as worried about gankers since I have tons of tank, only stay in high sec, and cargo that isn’t very valuable - but I am worried about Triglavians (and other NPCs) gate camping, since CONCORD won’t come to my aid.

I don’t use auto pilot, and I’ll only be at a gate/station (when I’m not in warp)- but other than that. What can I do to stay safe against NPCs - and what tactics should I use if I get caught in a gate camp?

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Go to Pochven and kill some rogue drones. This will make you neutral to both trigs and EDENCOM so they won’t bother you. IIRC even a simple target painter can work if some other player/NPC kills it. Standard pirate NPCs shouldn’t be a problem, and diamond rats only show up around pirate FOBs so be aware of those (I think they show up in the Agency, not 100% sure about that though).


They do show up in Agency.

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