High sec mining income question

That’s your problem, if you assume that people asking question already know the answer to that question.

Yes, yes and yes! For me, New Eden is a chance to get away from the depressing reality of RL in these times. There are many, many things to do. I never, never, ever think about “isk per hour.” I refuse to think of gaming time the same way I do my RL job. The only thing I think about is having fun in this beautiful sci-fi universe.

Tritanium will go up to 20isk/unit :smiley:

I haven’t ever looked at this as an isk per hour thing, in part because and kind of min/max gameplay style makes me nauseous. I run an orca and 3 skiffs, all toons with max mining relevant skills. I can fill the orca in about 45 minutes. I use what I mine for my own manufacturing so ultimately I am “printing isk” since my only investment is time. There are faster ways to get isk sure. Prior to the patch though, in a couple days of mining I could build 10 BSs and make 3 billion off of them. It is very lack luster game play, especially in high sec with only having occasional rats, but nonetheless it does give a sense of satisfaction for some of us to have built the ships flying around.


There is no question to which the correct answer is “You aren’t having fun.”

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