High Sec Ret vs Mac

I am using two miners in High sec to mine. My job allows me to mine and work at the same time (creative field). I casually mine through my work week.

I am mining with two retrievers. I have not upgraded to the Mac and I wonder if its worth it. The total yield is 10%-15% extra (right?) while the costs of Macs vs Retriever is almost X4. That makes me a juicier target for gankers. Not that I wont get ganked in a retriever but it does not put me out as much.

It seems its worth to go Mac if I had a third boosted account.
Is my thinking off here?

Mine and work at the same time……… that’s the important bit. If you arnt able to give local 100% attention then don’t put 1/2 a bill on grid.

Recipe for disaster


That’s a fair point.

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