High sec scavenging is it worth?

I’ve been scavenging lately, mostly from my mission and some times rats
I get roughly around 4-6mil per run
I use my algos for the job
I wonder should i stick to the hightsec or run to low sec?


grab a nullsec alliance and salvage what they don’t. usually, big carriers ratting don’t salvage

I’ll try to help you as much as I can :slight_smile:

Just a basic thing : the scavenging doesn’t exist in EVE Online : it is called Salvaging (probably because the module used is the Salvager). I’m quite a new player (only a few months old) but I heard salvaging isn’t as good in term of ISK revenues than it was before. If you want to live on that, you can of course, but it’s going to be less fun than any other activity you could find in the cluster. But of course, salvaging bring important materials used in Industry, so you will always find someone who want what you can retrieve from NPC wrecks.

To answer your question : it’s quite tricky if you’re new and unskilled (IG skills) to go in low sec. Here, the rats are tougher and CONCORD isn’t there to help you if a player want to destroy your ship.

Before continuing, please answers some questions : are you in Alpha or Omega state ? How do you salvage (do you bring the same ship for missioning ans salvaging or different ones) ?


Salvaging= Salvaging wrecks.
Scavenging= Taking left over loot/drones and possibly salvaging too.

HS scavenging is low isk/hr.
You can improve it by creating deals/relationships with content runners.

Dont do this in LS, unless you have a relationship and can cover your own a55.

NS scavenging is better, but again, with relationships.

WHs want their own salvage, but you can collect it for them, again with relationships.

TLDR: Scavenging is low income, but best when you work together with the person running the site/s.

Deberías moverte a una corp en 0.0, o, minar en hisec hasta que tus skills incrementen para que se te haga más fácil el modo de juego y no te presiones por los skillpoints.

I’m an alpha and i use a algos, sometime a probe
But my mission ship is rupture

Outfit a Noctis with tech 2 gear and salvage away especially lvl 4 missions, the rogue drones may not give much these days but the other groups still give a few million iskies per mission site. Well worth the few minutes spent salvaging imo.

It can be good or average ISK depending on circumstances and luck, though as you develop your character and player skills it becomes less and less efficient compared to other endeavours. Though if you like it and choose it as your playstyle then that negates the isk/h concern as you play for fun not ISK only.

I guess what others suggested about joining a nullsec alliance and following around ratting carriers and other such is the most ISK/h you can get but if you decide to stay in hi-sec there are still ways to improve your chances such as salvaging incursion sites (and scooping left behind stuff), operating in populated mission hubs (preferably L4), focusing on rogue drone sites (drone loot are much better than usual rat loot) and so on.

Some related screenshots from my library:


Highsec Scavenging can be one of the most lucrative careers for new players by a huge margin, bringing-in far more ISK than running level 1-2 missions and mining with low skills. It is more luck-based than mining and mission running though, therefore harder to calculate an ISK/hr, but due to that it is a lot more fun too.

For example, the other night I found an abandoned Gecko, and an abandoned ‘Augmented’ Ice Mining Drone within the space of 20 minutes, that’s 240m just sat there in space waiting to be scooped. A few minutes after that I found an abandoned Vigil, only worth 500k ISK, but you take what you can get.

There are billions to be made in abandoned drones alone, not to mention all the abandoned ships, unanchored POS modules, and the whole host of other things that highseccers like to leave lying around. If you learn to use D-Scan and the Probe Scanner, and train the skills needed for using probes, you will find that highsec opens-up into a veritable candyland.


1: fit a magnate with 3 salvagers, an afterburner, a microwarpdrive, 4 warp core stabilizers, and 3 salvage tackle rigs. You will be hard as hell to catch and your ship is worth like 1 mil.
2: go to faction warfare zone in lowsec and loot ships and salvage elite and advanced wrecks.
3: ???
4: Massive profit

Do note, if you loot someone else’s wreck you will get a suspect timer. If you want to be extra careful, just dockup until the timer is gone before returning to highsec.


Sounds like fun. I’m needing some salvage materials anyways for rig manufacturing.

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One thing I noticed is you can passivly manufacture things for extra isk. Use what you SALVAGE for materials so you dont spend a lot of isk on buying things to build with. You can usually pick up decent blue print copies for cheap.

Personally I like to scavenge as people are making the wrecks. First you scan them down. Then go to their site and begin looting the wrecks (be sure to bookmark them). This will probably wind up with you going suspect but fear not you are innocent until proven guilty.

In some instances people will just shoot at you for this valuable service you are providing… So it is usually a good idea to do this in some sort of frigate with an afterburner and an active tank. If you do get shot at be sure to defend yourself and kill them for their troubles. It was self defense after all. Congratulations you can now loot all the wrecks (including that dick who shot at you) and salvage them to your hearts content.


A frigate taking out a battleship with light tech 2 drones and webs is no fun in any arena better bring some mates with ya.

Please… https://zkillboard.com/related/30001409/201804151200/

Hostile ferox not seen as it didn’t die and neither did I. That’s no boosts and a clean clone too. I have a write up somewhere in here Doomheim Claims Another great Capsuleer


I started my EVE life scavenging as a neutral in NullSec. It was fun. It paid the bills, and it got me friends. Get a cheap ship with two salvagers and go have fun roaming a particular NullSec area.

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