Doomheim Claims Another great Capsuleer

Mobadder Mug Shot
Mobadder Thworst (08-01-2009 -> 09-02-2018)
He wasn’t a smart man. He wasn’t even a handsome man. In fact he made Holey look normal. By Bob Mo was Ugly… Anyway where were we? Oh right. He was however a man with a Big Heart and a love of including NewBros in the game.

I was spinning my ship in Amygnon eagerly awaiting an interview with a prospective new employer. I had spent several days waiting for a senior interviewer to take my interview as I’ve been a bit of a ■■■■ in my time and they wanted to make sure I won’t be a ■■■■ to them. Anyways I went through my contacts list and noticed a key figure and long time coconspirator of forum shenanigans missing. Curious I tried to find him several times and could not seem to get his name anywhere. I spent a solid 5 mins using out of game tools to find a kill in a war he had to somehow get a link. I was desperate at this point, unwilling to believe for even a moment that this Titan of a man, This asshole of Akiainavas and Umokka, My friend could be gone forever. Finally I found it
Mobadder corp

In my greif grief the only thing I could do to honor this man. I went to Umokka and suspect baited and can flipped to my hearts content. Turns out that was about 4 hours worth split over 2 days because the residents of Umokka still remember Mo and his bastardly ways. Disheartened l didn’t keep his gameplay alive if only for one day but also feeling a slight sense of gratitude to him for teaching so many people to forever be weary of suspects stealing loot I began to move on and remember the good times we had.

One of my fondest memories of that deformed maniac (seriously if a Barghest and a Domonix had a love child it would resemble MO) was our time spent together on the ‘No NewBro Left Behind’ initiative founded by Veers and enacted by myself, Mo and many others (I think Mo offered to head up donations but I’m pretty sure he never mentioned anybody donating. Guess it was more of a hands on thing than donating iskies). We spent months sending newbros we had killed through wars, flipping, ganking, piracy etc to Veers so he could reimburse them and teach them about the fun we were having. Veers was such a giving man taking bastards like Mo and I under his wings and giving us purpose. Well he took me under his wing It looks like he shoved Mo’s face into a bee hive… Anyways let us take a moment to remember and recognize his contribution to eve.

I leave you with this. Although Mo is forever gone the way of Doomheim his Legacy will live on in each of us. And take final comfort that the average attractiveness of capsuleers increased dramatically with his doomheiming. RIP

Noragen Neirfallas
Judge and Founding Member of the Court of Crime and Punishment
Mo’s Friend


Rip mo


Rip Mo o7

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I am profoundly sorry to see this.

Mo did take the time to help newbros, and he was great about doing it.

RIP, Mo.



Here is an interview I did with Mo before he biomassed (obviously). If ya don’t know, well now ya know.



Aww ■■■■.

I liked him. We had a fight once and he wasn’t a bitch about it. Mo was a genuinely nice bloke and a sound guy all round. Definitely someone I’d buy beer for.



Savage. Though he was doing a worrying amount of mining at the end there so maybe this is for the best.

RIP o/

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It took longer than I care to think about but I kept Mo’s playstyle alive for one more day

And then I got to talking with the victim about how that went down, what he could ahve done, fits, how to save the pod, etc etc

I SUCK at being the bad guy :frowning:


o7 Mo

Will miss the forum shenanigans and banter.


o7 Mo

Come back soon <3

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5.0 sec status and no kills outside hi-sec.



Nothing lost.



Nobody much likes Mo’s work it seems. This fella even decided to Illegally agress over it


I never met Mobadder, but I just got my ass handed to me by Noragen, and I have to say, his conduct speaks highly of Mo’s influence, if not his appearance. You can tell a lot about a person by the people who respect them, and just based on that Mo must have been a hell of a capsuleer.


So I got Hooked. It turns out Mo was onto something. I knew that Ugly Bastard had to be good for something

My evening started off with a small fish taking a bite straight away. I didn’t even give him time to shoot I was just playing trash man online when suddenly I realised I had been engaged and that I had an LE. Well I promptly went back and the Cormorant proceeded to engage me again… So I defended myself and ended his beautiful ship and his life too

He wasn’t very chatty so we didn’t get to talk and I moved on. Next up I met a hell of a Capuleer called Biggus Shippus. He engaged me as I was once again playing trash collector online and once again I promptly locked him down and began no naw on his shields. He launched drones and started trying to murderise me with them. I launched my own drone and began to murderise his drones. We played recall and deploy about a dozen or so times over the next minute and I began to realize this guy actually had potential… I could be in serious trouble. Well after a bit and some lucky alpha salvos from my guns my drone stood victorious over his drones and suddenly before I could even break his shields(frankly I don’t think I could have broken him) and get him into panic mode he convos me.

I saw my opportunity to engage this man in stimulating conversation and engage him in eve for years to come thus ruining his life entirely. Being the evil bastard I am I had a fun bartering session over letting his precious drake go. We settled on 12.5 mil. Hardly worth the effort but honestly I would have taken less I was more intrested to see if he would pay. And pay he did. So I did the only thing any self respecting pirate would do (looking at you @Faylee_Freir :smiley:) I let him go. Afterwards we spent close to 30 minutes discussing what I was doing and how and why etc which lead me to link this post and as you can see he posted above and it touched me right in the feels, sob I gotta move on

Alright well after all that excitement and hopefully enticing another pilot to try out the darkside (it has better cookies anyways) I found a guy who was willing to engage me at 100km in his raven… turns out he got a much larger pair of balls on him when I brought out my indy ship to bait an LE. However my escape was not to be and this bait cost me my ship and his ore I was appropriating
Well I couldn’t let that stand. Turns out he wanted my loot so he brought his own actually fit industrial. Unsure if it was stabbed or not I spent the entire fight bumping it and letting my drone do most of the dps cause bumping and neutron blasters…

Well I was about to call it a night when I decided one more trip through the belts to do a quick clean up. There at the 3rd belt in system was my friend alpathfinder again. And he brought with him 2 friends all in ventures. AND THEY ALL ENGAGED ME. My poor trash collector ship was quickly overwhelmed and it was all I could do to not laugh concentrate. I made short work of 2 and the other one warped. Sure enough as I was looting they all came back. First a Raven who promptly applied his web and scram and than a condor and ferox. I scramed the raven right back not willing to let it go even for a second and applied my drone and null s to the condor. with a little luck it got stuck on a roid and died quickly. The ferox was too close and once it’s drones were dead was no threat. It warped away when the raven was going into 2/3 shields. Some friend he was. Anwyas I offered to let the raven go for a modest sum of 100mil isk but all I got was something saying my salt would be farmed. Google translate for you. After a couple of minutes of breaking this beast it finally blew up and the Ferox warped in at 70km this time and applied some serious DPS… It was time to depart. I bounced out and back in at 70 however the ferox was already gone so I looted the field and headed home.

After alot of banter and questions and google translate misunderstandings (either that or they really did tell me to compress the ore in my butthole) I found my way to some less public chat channels and gave fitting advice and spent a solid hour talking fittings strategies and explaining how 3 condors would have killed me much better than what they brought. It was a fun night all in all And I highly reccomend finding yoru way to some semi popular hub of activity and including the locals int he way of life alot of us here fondly remember.

Noragen Neirfallas
Judge and Founding Member of the Court of Crime and Punishment
A very tired capsuleer forgive the spelling



Also that story sounds like it was quite fun! It brings back memories… Good memories, before the badge… sigh…


You have not a clue what you’re gibbering about. EvE just lost a long term mentor of the newbro and promoter of the lost art of highsec crime. I’d hazard a wild guess you haven’t done near so much for the community. Out of you and Mo, he is not the carebear.

Hero. The language of romance is officially VOID.

Ooo… sounds Gneiss!


There’s merit to a pirate that honors his word. Especially when those people use their craft to lure others into our dark and much more interesting craft.

I respect you immensely Noragen and while I wasn’t fond of Mo’s posting I recognize him as someone that this game will miss.


I was just ribbing you. The beauty of eve is there is no right or wrong way to play


RIP Mo, never got to fly with you. I ended up biomassing Morgan Agrivar and started a new main with this one. Gave up the shooting stuff (except MTUs, they still must die) and went to industry and research.

The life of the highsec carebear…