High sec trade wars have begun

So the Drama continues

“Vily hints at increasing TTC sotiyo taxes in future, has already hired blackflag to clear independent 0% tax structures in perimeter”

Structures in Perimeter that blackflag has declared war on:

0.0% Tax Haven Trading Centre (Skill Injectors Inc.)

0.0%tax - lower tax than Jita (Phantom Bears) (NOTE: This is a bait structure and has tax set to 10%)

0.0%tax - lower tax than Jita (Tree Conservation Society)

I Choose you, pikachu (Glorious God Poseidon)

I know not a surprise really but I do remember someone saying once “we will defend the little guy in high sec”

Structures in Perimeter that blackflag has NOT declared war on:

Tranquility Research Labs (Tranquility Trading Corporation)

Tranquility T2 Refinery (Tranquility Trading Corporation)

Tranquility Trading Center (Tranquility Trading Corporation)

Some non-market astrahus structures

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Good. We are back in the Wild West days and Blackflag can be useful again to get rid of these unreliable, undefended and annoying offshoring structures. All the power to Blackflag.


and what are you going to do? to sit here in the forums as usual or to help these poor owners to fight back BlackFlag?

I see many timers on our timer boards.

I have put on my suit I won the in Pochen Arenas and it is time to log in again after I had some quiet time the past 2 months/

Blackflag is performing a community service.

Structure spam cannot be tolerated.


Not really a problem with Black Flag , they are mercs after all and do a good job who ever pays them.

It’s Ye lily-livered residence of high sec that never show resistance to any high sec incursion. And yes if they did resist they may run into BF , which is exactly why the they are paid to look after null assets in High.

Well take a look at how many people wardecced the TTT.

Only 3 groups that actually mattered showed up. The rest was nowhere to be seen because there were a few red stars in local. This sums up highsec really nicely.


I know was looking forward to a good show , my thinking was

A) couldn’t get organised so never turned up.
B) was asked not to turn up so it would die fast ( this fits with the theory that someone asked it to be removed)
C) Or as you say sums up high sec .

But let’s be clear when you say high sec , this includes low sec dwellers , wh , small null groups , all who rely on trade with high.
Most of the above have high sec bases

This will not be settled any time soon, which will hurt all high-sec markets for some time.

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Good. Zero tax structures have always been ridiculous. Why give away something that you can charge for?

Absolutely that, makes no sense.

Well first you need to make it zero as anything more will make people go the other zero % troll structures. Then you wipe them out and up the % again.

And to be clear. The structures that did go up are known troll corps/players that do this. Hence why many is not fitted or going abandoned. Many of them use to drop Azbels throughout the time the keepstar was up.

Structure Littering is a Crime.

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Who is organizing the defense against these civilian 0% tax structures?

Why would Blackflag only clear out structures in Perimeter? To be effective would they not need to clear out all 0% tax havens within like 5 jumps of Jita?

A structure only costs a couple billion ISK, right? Can’t rich players just put the structure back up each time it is destroyed?

That is what happens with the scam structures, they respawn pretty regularly.

Almost 30 Days had passed since the destruction of the only Keepstar that mattered.

The TTT Killright on our Pilots is about to drop off.

Looking forward in undocking without that target painted on my back!

bye bye… rip TTT

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What a missed opportunity to bait people into attacking you thinking they’ll have an easy kill just so you can murder them. :stuck_out_tongue:


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That’s because CONCORD are Team Frostpacker!

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