High Sec War Interfereance

I noticed one time when I bumped into a fleetmate using a MWD, I slowed down a lot even though we both used the same hulls. In fact I fell to 1/3 my base non MWD speed and he moved away a quite a bit.

Can this be used to intervene in wars without turning on Red safeties? I can just get into a Hurricane with unnecessary things like “guns” removed and then go on grid? When someone tries to use their MWD, I could just get in front of them and their speed would just drop to next to nothing. By moving around I could deny a ship use of their prop mod and CONCORD wouldn’t care. Hey if ramming freighters work for some people, why not forcing war targets to ram me?

Given my manual piloting and inability to get anything more sophisticated than “orbit at,” “approach” or “align” I don’t think I’d actually acomplish anything, but does this work in theory for others even if it won’t work for me?

The Stabber and Machariel ($$) are known for bumping.

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I’m thinking cruiser of battlecruiser price, but if Machariels are known for bumping, then I guess the concept is sound thanks

Just use a stabber. Cheaper and less likely to get ganked.

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