High Security space is too safe for Criminals

As it stands, High Security is a safer place for criminals to be active in. Criminals being able to stay tethered in High Security space should be on a timer similar to what happens with enemies of any nation. Security (CONCORD or Customs Agents) should warp in after a few minutes, and revoke tether access, then giving the standard timer that Security would show up.

This also goes hand in hand with a looter middle man that will loot a wreck, go suspect, dump the loot and have a hauler on standby to grab it with no repercussions. That stolen loot should make anyone who grabs it (innocent or criminal) become suspect until that player docks with the loot.

Edit: Other options that could be considered are Remote Reppers/Cap Emitters do not cause CONCORD aggression if you are in a fleet. Burst ECM could be another, but I think that’s more debatable since Freighter pilots duel with a scout webber for warps, or just be in a fleet (could mean webber scouts need to fit ECM resists).

tethering is allowed by the owner of the station. If you are blacklisted by that particular station or corp, you will not be able to tether to it.

It shouldn’t matter if some one has -5.0 security status or lower.

read this… you’ll see a lot of what you are talking about has been talked about in this thread…


Will give it a read, thank you.

Outlaws are allowed to dock and tether. They are hunted by FacPo. Structure owners are allowed to be corrupt/neutral.

Criminals on the other hand cannot warp, dock or tether and are hunted by CONCORD.

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Outlaws and criminals aren’t enemies of any nation. Many of them literally never shoot an NPC.

If anything it’s mission runners that would be the enemy of the Empires and standings should have more impact on the ability to safely operate in Empire space.

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Highsec is too safe for care bears.
No P2W


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