High-skillpoint dual industrial accounts Looking for a Place to Happen in high-sec

Summary: I am looking for a high-sec, industry-focused, social corporation with no obligations, preferably in Amarr space.

Note: Uncle Enzo’s Cosa Nostra Pizza is a holding corporation where I hang out between real gigs.

The following need not apply:

  • Groups operating primarily in null, lowsec, or wormhole space. I get enough drama in real life.
  • Pirate, mercenary, or majority PvP corporations. I get enough conflict in real life.
  • Folks that take themselves or the game too seriously.
  • Corporations that have rigid schedules, commitments, or obligations; if you have mandatory anything, I’ll pass.

I have two Omega accounts, both with north of 135M skillpoints. Historically, I’ve been a high-sec dweller and all that goes with it, with a focus on providing corporate logistical support (small-“l” logistics, although I can provide both shield and armor Logistics as well).

With that in mind, I own and can fly:

  • Dual Orcas with maximum boosts.
  • Dual Exhumers (ore and ice).
  • Dual Freighters.
  • Dual Bowheads.
  • Dual Blockade Runners.
  • Dual mission ships.
  • Dual Noctis’.

In addition, I have:

  • Perfect reprocessing for everything that can be mined or harvested in high-sec.
  • Perfect scanning skills and the ships to go with them.
  • If anyone still does this sort of thing, access to about half of the empire mission agents.

Basically, I can run completely self-contained ops where the miners just have to show up and demolish the asteroids.

Other fun stuff:

  • I am currently based in the arse-end of Amarr space, and would, if possible, prefer to stay there. I really don’t feel like hauling all my stuff halfway acrossed the universe. For the umpteenth time.
  • I live in the EST (Eve -5) time zone; a corporation that’s busy when I am is preferable. Busy means, to me, 10+ people (not just accounts) on during evenings.
  • I have done, and enjoyed, small-gang PvP ops in low-sec space. A bit of that would be a bonus.

Feel free to contact me in any way you please. If I’m online, I can be found in the “ENZO Public” channel.




Maybe we are the people you are looking for: Meteor Industrial Complex Looking for Industrial Pilots, Explorers, and Leaders!

If so, please add our discord. Our recruiters are waiting for you :slight_smile:

  • Elody

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