'Highlander' competitive SKINs

SKINs that can be ‘stolen’ from players, by killing them. There would only be a handful of these skins in circulation, and the only way to get them would be to kill the player who already has it.

1- The skin starts with a minimal value. Seeded in some random way by an event or exploration drop or whatever.
2- To ‘steal’ the SKIN, you need to destroy the SKIN owner’s ship that has MORE value than the SKIN.
3- The skin’s value takes on the value of the destroyed ship.

So each time, you would need to kill a ship of greater and greater value. There could be a ‘decay’ in the value of the skin, maybe 5mil per day. Once it hits 0 value, the SKIN is destroyed forever.

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Maybe not this exact implementation, but I like the idea.

Agreed such a “king of the hill” type of SKIN is a good idea but the above implementation is not satisfactory especially the need to kill a higher value ship next part. Btw what if the current holder never undocks once acquiring it? :smiley: So there are other potential issues as well that need to be sorted out for it to work.

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I support

yeah, that’s why i included the bit about a ‘decay’ in value, and then once it reaches 0 the skin is destroyed

This would let CCP introduce a couple of unique skins each year for this, and we can see how long the oldest skin will stay around for. Its possible all the skins are destroyed and never seen again.

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