Highsec Abyssal Hub

As soon as I get to log in again, so I can also do the experiment regarding gate spam decloaking a gate cloak.

My apologies. I’m not happy about it either. There are at least three people disappointed about this. You, the decced guy and myself. I can’t speak for Pedro, but I guess he’d be on the list as well.

You’re probably not interested, but I’ve been busy reading/learning …


… and LOTs of programming.

And right now? Eating!

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“I took your money and decided not to hold up my end of the bargain because I’ve been doing other things in my life.”

Haha, this is great. This is why EVE Online is such a unique game. Hopefully that other guy learns how valuable forum “mercenaries” are. 150m for a hit on an Azbel, lol, gimme a break.

Nope, jackass, I’m going to refund the money as soon as I log in again.

Which should be today, btw, because I’ve worked through my ■■■■.

Lmao, even better. See how much forum mercs are worth their isk. Apparently nothing. This is great, the ultimate in emergent gameplay. I love EVE Online for interactions like this.

This amuses you? Okay then. Yet another low quality troll.
Have fun talking to yourself, kiddo.


I’m not the one who talked big ■■■■ about taking down an Azbel for 150m and then pussed out because I decided to learn things other than uphold my word. lmao

Talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk? Typical forum warrior. :slight_smile:

Refund received, all fine.

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I’m sitting in a friend’s appartement in bulgaria right now.
Decided to book a flight and went off the same day.
Because I can. It’s weird. Never been flying.
I really, really hate it. What a horror. -.-
And I need to fly back, too! D:

Well, I don’t actually.
I could live here for a few years easily, but wow, this country is poor!
The best part so far has been the fact that he has a 100mbit sync connection.

Anyhow, didn’t get to log on, so I asked Pedro to pay you back.
I’ll send him the money as soon as I log on again.

Also, I would like to rant about Jacobs Monarch coffee with the big grains.

It’s disgusting. Thinking of buying him real coffee, because this is ■■■■.
It’s a poor country, but holy ■■■■, there’s just no excuse for having disgusting coffee.

Also, I gotta admit … after reading JesterTrek’s AMA I am seriously discouraged from doing literally anything in this game. I do hope that invasion is going to actually make ■■■■ interesting again, but I have my doubts.

I hope you’re doing well, sorry for the inconvinience I’ve caused!

No problem, but we need more fun in the game … yeah, the AMA put all remaining illusions to a rest. Unfortunately what he describes fits to what results we see still today. There is no plan and understanding the big picture at CCP, but only egos.

It’s worse, and I have to revert my stance about the CSM … without it, EvE would be long dead, really dead.

Not much hope here for the expansion (except one “little” thing). It’s just a new type of incursion. If it offers better risk/reward than Sansha incursions, the community will switch there and abandon Sansha, if not, it will be DOA.


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