Highsec needs more crime

As many of you know, I run a Highsec mining corporation, Princess Aiko Hold My Hand is the safest corporation for Highsec miners. As CEO, I often struggle to generate content for my members. At first, I was concerned that griefers might try to disrupt our Highsec mining operations. Unfortunately, we are not war eligible, which means no griefers can shoot us without CONCORD intervention. Furthermore, AWOX mechanics have been disabled, leaving my members bored out of their minds in total safety. This is really not the kind of content they desire, and I’ve had to resort to ganking them in order to generate a little content.

Is there any way that CCP could introduce more crime to Highsec activities in order to stimulate fun gameplay?


CCP should make it so mining without a permit is a suspect offence under Crimewatch.

That would make it easier to identify the criminals and your corp mates could then go around removing the thieves and confiscating anything they leave behind.



Oh good. Another ganking thread.

Ganking is already in highsec. “more crime” would be other things, so not really a ganking thread.

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