Highspeed Ammo Delivery done by KDS

"Killmail Delivery Services"

Our Mission:
We aim to grow our specialized small to mid-sized gang PvP and ISK making activities while growing stronger as a community, both internally and in the eve community.

Who We Want:
Eager and motivated PvPers who want a close knit group to fly fast skirmish comps.

.: Where to find us :.
“KDS HR dept.” or EveMail Jak’at or sexy’beast

.: What we offer :.

  • Skirmish (Nano) PvP
  • New-Bro PvP Training
  • C5+ Wormhole Living
  • Discord Comms
  • Wormhole access, exploitation for profit.

.: Requirements :.

  • Microphone
  • Passion to be Active and play EvE Online (not PubG)
  • 10mil SP preferred, but reviewed on case by case basis
  • 3rd party tools (Siggy)
  • English-speaking
  • Covert Ops probing experience a plus! (but we can train)

If you have Questions join us in “KDS HR dept.” and speak to one of our Recruiters.

Anyone wanna “go fast”?

wtb dank memes

To the top.

Looking for more package bros.

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