Hilarious confessions of a newb!

So when I first started playing eve I was under the impression that eve players where shall we say " more sophisticated" than other mmo players. I remember seeing all anal spam in WoW. I somehow didn’t see any of that in rookie chat when I first started so I was happy. Then I saw everyone saying every other word as Jita? I didn’t know what this Jita was so I googled it. At that time Jita was on the urban dictionary as Just in the you know what. So I sighed an assumed that every time I saw someone say Jita they where just saying anal in a sophisticated way… Wasn’t until someone actually linked the system in chat that I realized they where talking about a star system not something else… So for the first 2 ish weeks I played eve everytime someone said Jita in chat I assumed they where saying anal but anal sell etc…

Well that’s my first post hope you enjoy it.


Jita is a putrid hole best avoided, imo.

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…Says the guy with the character name “dirkadirka moohamidjiha”…


@dirkadirka_moohamidjiha remember, when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. :rofl:

That was a good one, welcome to the game.

Sure, bring on the rest. Let’s get this over with asap. Your boredom, our entertainment.

… from the corp with the funny name that I can’t even type out here…

Wait until you see the Jita local chat when you are in system!

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: What gave you that impression? The tech talk?

Sometimes we only see what we want to see.

Rookie Chat is monitored by a moderator.
The first thing I saw when I opened Local was how someone was going to do something sexual to someone’s else mother so that gave me some kind of impression of the sophistication of EVE players.

What time was that time? How many years ago is that?
I thought you were a new player. Never mind :sweat_smile:

Fifie the silly

My confession of a noob is that I first thought I could PLEX my account by playing the game the way I wanted to. Which… yea…

Technically… You were not wrong about JITA.

I live 1 jump from JITA. And the neighbourhood difference is chalk and cheese.

JITA = Jesus Is The Answer

Wow! Your mind went straight into that gutter. Let me think of some others.

JITA = Just In Time Accounting
JITA = Join In This Attack
JITA = Jumping Into The Asteroids

Too easy.

JITA - Jerks Idiots Troglodytes Autists

Noob misconstruing can be hilarious…

Over on another MMO, there’s something called Animation Overides, AO for short. When people wished to switch their Animation Overide off, they would type ‘AO Off’ in local chat.

Of course, as a noob I took these commands as being me being sworn at and was convinced that ‘AO’ was some code to replace rude words.

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