Hisec Candidate Thew Aziz. Campaign Thread for CSM 16

Why Im applying for CSM
I am applying to the CSM because I believe I can help. I believe its the next step in my contribution to a game that I enjoy. As more of an administrative player, I feel compelled to help where I can. Making EVE more enjoyable for future players sounds ideal.

What you can expect from me
Players can expect me to put forth the same amount of effort and commitment to the CSM as I do toward my own group in EVE. Hisec industry needs to be represented too, and I plan to remain in hisec and continue to develop a new-player friendly environment. Increasing the player base and introducing new players to EVE is ultimately my goal, also ensuring the game is fair and fun for everyone.
As a member of the CSM, I will focus on hisec. Watching for any unfavorable or unfair content. Approaching every scenario keeping in mind the new players of EVE. Hisec is where new players start EVE and its where they decide whether they like the game or not. Dont think what has hisec done for you, think who it has brought you to. Hisec is important too.

My area of expertise
I feel as if my area of expertise is recruiting. I enjoy typing and talking with new people from around the world. It has only taken me a few months to gather a large group of hisec indy guys and gals. Not a lot of leaders in EVE like to recruit, but I realize its a never ending and necessary task. Being accepting and helpful is the key.

My EVE Online story
I started EVE in 2013. I was playing a new free shooter game on my PS3 called DUST 514. As a console player I was very used to the mechanics of an FPS game, and how battles progressed on a battlefield. I quickly started noticing what were called orbital strikes. After doing a bit of research I learned of a game that was cross-platforming with DUST, it was EVE.
Back then EVE was not like other games I played. I was not used to all the possibilities, games I played were very linear. Im sure just like a lot of new players, I was to stubborn to listen to the experienced players. I wanted to fly to the planets I was fighting on in DUST and support my team with orbitals. Unfortunately, I joined with a small corp and no one had the means to help me in my endeavor. So I ended up learning pvp in losec on my own. It didnt go well, and I was never successful with my orbital bombardment.
After the release of the PS4, and DUST not converting over to it, I took a break from EVE. I focused on console games and streaming them. And when the PS5 was announced, I decided to upgrade my game and switch to PC. The first game I downloaded was EVE. I have been back in EVE for almost a year now and Im enjoying the hisec life with my group of industrialists.

Thank you to all that have read my thread. Your support is appreciated.


This man saved my life. I was minding my own business at the dog park with Aeon when all of a sudden a wizard jizzed on my boots. Thew leaped into action and licked it off the top then proceeded to clean the sole with his tongue as well.

I would have never made it to where i am today if it weren’t for him!


Stunning and Brave, a true Hero


Thew does have solid skills and is extremely helpful for new characters/players, have seen it personally.


Thew Aziz would bring a lot to the table. Good balance between gameplay ideas and caring for people.


Thew Builds connections and keeps ppl interested


Sorry this is so long, if you dont want to read this its understandable but Thew’s legacy cannot be summarized in a few sentences. It runs deep and I can not bear to do him injustice with a simple short post of “he’s cool”.

As a new player 3 months of playing I had joined a friends corp to learn the game but as many know even a decade of playing EVE there is much to be learned still and my friends were more PVP based in their earlier years and then mission based at the time I joined with strong Indy knowledge.

This really limited me being able to explore the expanse of EVE Online. After a month of playing I confronted our corp leader about joining an alliance which could prove beneficial to both our corp, our players, and the alliance. This is where Thew came in to play recruiting religiously as I watched silently for a week to see activity as I wanted to ensure we found a strong active alliance. I had messaged 8 different alliances on the same day and all but Thew tried to talk down at us making seem we owed them our alliance. Quickly I had honed in on how friendly and helpful Thew was, being ever eager to privately chat and talk through what they were about, the benefits they could offer.

I went to my corp leader to bring it up with him to join but he went inactive for about 2 weeks all the while Thew displayed patience and understanding never losing contact with me and allowing me to run in fleets with them while waiting for my corp leader to come back. When corp lead came back and I told him of everything the alliance had done for me already without even being a member yet, he was eager to join. They all welcomed us openly but lived 23 jumps from where we were, fearing I’d have to leave my ships behind they never questioned pulling a 6 man fleet together to fly over and retrieve my stuff. Every step of the way Thew Aziz has been 100% supportive and has not for a minute abandoned any alliance member.

He does not only recruit as a position in game but also takes it upon himself to ensure that you are treated as a person and not just a cog in the machinery of the alliance. As I can only see holding true in the position of CSM for every player in the game. Truly a rare thing to have encountered in this game. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he would make an outstanding CSM for the players, for CCP, and for the game as a whole.


I hope you plan to work with the CSM even if you don’t win. There’s a lot of perspectives that deserve to be heard.


100% behind you, great support from you and those around you!


Vote for Thew if you are a regular in Hi-Sec.

He has excellent knowledge and is very patient with Noobs like me.


I vote for Thew because he made Eve with other players fun and knowledgeable. Very supportive of his alliance and corp.


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