Hila for CSM16 (to not confuse with Gila)

Greetings fellow capsuleers !

I am Hila Kashada, accomplished Creative Technologist and Broadcast consultant in real life & Eve Online alliance executive of Literally-Triggered a 3years old NullSec Alliance and member of the Winter Coalition.

I am running for CSM 16 in the hopes of contributing to EVE ONLINE in a more impacting manner as this no longer just a game for me but a fulltime hobby.


I was introduced into Eve Online in mid 2015 and since then lived almost exclusively in NPC nullsec and SOV nullsec. I dived almost instantly into the metagame : Politics, leadership and diplomacy.
Being a CEO, Alliance Executive, and multiple times coalition leadership has been since then representing 99% of my activities in game and that is what I enjoy the most beacause it helped me experience all the aspects of this game and also helped me meet a lot of awesome people and share knowledge and experience with them.


I found out that my real life experience have helped me alot in game, the fact that I have managed quite some digital and virtual reality & augmented reality projects and the fact that I own a software development company have contributed in the way I play EVE.

Throughout my time in Eve, I mostly focused on :

  • Building IT infrastructure for Alliances and coalitions.

  • I spent a lot of my time guiding new players, helping them discover all aspects of the game mechanics so that they can easily focus on what suits them best. I also took it personnaly to defend them from scamming corporations that ultimately push them to leave the game.

  • I am trying my best to build a community within my alliance and working on bringing different communities together mainly. Being Trilingual have helped me interact and share my experience with a lot of different people from different countries and I can’t help but notice that there are still a few misrepresented communities CSM wise, French and Arabic communities for example.


I am hoping that my real life experience and skills would allow me contribute to this game and its community. I will be speaking for new players and small groups of people as their game play and interests are quite different from the Nullsec Blocks and most of the time these changes are not in favor of small entities or new players.
I am hoping that serving as an advisor for the developers in CCP would lead to engaging and improved changes of the game mechanics.

I also believe that there are still some communities that are misrepresented, french and arabic typically so I am hoping to fill that gap.

I wish you all a good day, be safe but fly dangerous !
Also I am a fan of Taylor swift and a DOGE hodler. So make sure to SMASH that vote button :rofl:

If you want to get in touch with me, please eve mail Hila Kashada or add me on discord : Hila#4855


Hila why did you bomb yourself on that gate ?

Just trolling him he is a great guy boys, and his alliance is behind him.


Hila for CSM!

Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila Gila Hila

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Its good to see you up on here old friend. You have my vote.

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Hila Hila Hila!!!

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Good Luck Hila you got my support!

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On Zyal’s recommendation, you’ll definitely have my vote.

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You have my support

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#HILA MAKES ME WET!!! let go!!! hila hila hila hila

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Wish you the best of luck!! We are all rooting for you!!

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GO for it!


Ltrig lets GO

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Hila for csm i guess

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I love the enthusiasm

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If you didnt find Jesus dont worry there’s still Hila’s voice to hear


No Gila like an Ltrig Hila… wait what? Vote Hila for a voice that makes you wet

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As the CEO of all the CEO’s, I approve of Hila Kashadas application to the 16th council of stellar management. Furthermore, as the CEO of all CEO’s, I have to be infallible. As an infallible CEO it is impossible for me to make mistakes!

Conclusion: the only right choice, is to vote for Hila.

With regards,



Ok, this convinced me. You have my vote Hila!!

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