Hoarder fit question

Super quick question, can someone help me understand this killmail?

Ignoring the slightly odd fit, I’m more interested in the Ship Hangar. He’s smart and has a Hoarder in there to benefit from the dedicated ammo hold, but how does the math work? The cap charges are 128m^3, and the ammo hold is 41,000m^3, so he should be able to hold 320 x 3200 cap charges, maybe a couple more if he uses the Hoarder’s regular cargo bay too, yet he has 384 of them at the time of death.

Even maxing out the regular cargo bay, I still can’t get near to 384. What gives?

The Ammo Bay increases in volume with your Minmatar Industrial skill level:

10% bonus to ship ammo bay capacity

The skill only applies when there is a pilot in the ship but the game ignores already stored items in the hangar. The pilot fills the ammo bay with charges while they are in the ship and thus get more volume than the unpiloted ship info indicates.


Nice. Thanks.

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