Hobgoblin I in Bulk!

I’m selling Hobgoblins in bulk - 4000 ISK each
Below most Jita rates & only 1 jump away!!!
Sobaseki XI - Moon 1 - Home Guard Assembly Plant
I own an original blueprint and would be happy to become a regular supplier to anyone interested (contact me in world)


$4000 is too much, Ill buy at $3000. 10k quantity

Beat it, he’s working for me now.

Lowballing newbros trying to start an industry empire, you should be ashamed of yourself.


Next time i’m ingame i’ll contract you some free BPOs so you can diversify your drone offerings =)

Keep doing what you are doing, and have fun!!


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Check your contracts =)

You haven’t accepted the contract with the BPOs yet =(

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