Selling production lines - 10 mln/24 hour

Red Goblin Brigade will bild any module, ship or capital/structure parts on any citadel of you choise.

Job cost will be 10 mln for 24 hours of production i.e. about 410 000 isk/hour.

All logistics and material provided by customer.
Moving to you citadel in null space will takes couple days.
Dont waste your chance to recive 50% discount for the 1st order.

To get access to our service please contact Mumu Ivanovna in game via mail or direct convo.

Bumping with weekly report.

Found 1st client, completed contract for bilding 350 Asteros in Jita.
Job cost was 150 mln ISK.

Still offering 50% discount for Red Goblin Brigade services for your 1st order. Fly safe.

Looking for a 24*30 days full line quota on structure parts.

Need to know number of lines available and if you offer collateral.

I have 28 lines avaible currently. We can use trusted 3rd party for holding colliteral (for example Elizabeth Norn). I have about 3b in ISK and and some in bpo. Mail me ingame so we can discuss all details.

Bumping with march report:

  1. completed contract for bilding 120 astero; profit 50 mln isk.
  2. completed contract for bilding 260 astero, 6 strati, 3 nestor; profit 150 mln isk.
  3. completed contract for bilding 3000 catalysts; profit 200 mln.

Adding new service - TE/ME/copy BPO for 2mln/24 hour.


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