Hobo Hand Grenade [H0B0G] Nomadic Wormholers

Hobo Hand Grenade [H0B0G] Nomadic Wormholers

Live the hobo dream!


We require applicants to be capable of flying cloaked combat ships. Dedicated scanner accounts are highly recommended. The application process is largely voice based and assesses pilot awareness, ESI and culture fit. A working microphone, and discord are also required.

What We Do

No structures? No problem!
HHG calls into different occupied wormholes every few weeks as a group. After asserting hobo dominance we will offer to work with or fight local residents. Scanning and hunting in the chain is also highly encouraged.

WE DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN EVICTIONS! Just because we like to sleep under the stars does not mean we don’t respect and value a town clown’s right to own their own home.
Hobos are encouraged to bring their own POS for some temporary creature comforts. When not making mulligan stew or greasing the rails with an overconfident Tengu pilot we like to do C3 ratting in a BYO ship format.

Doctrines are flexible with cloaking T3 cruisers being our bread and butter.

What we Offer

:green_circle: Limited recruiting in all TZ

:green_circle: Discord Server

:green_circle: Tripwire wormhole mapping

Does living out of a trash can sound exciting? Do you think eve is just too easy? Join our discord today!


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