(hoboleaks.space) apparently moon ore is getting some additions in place of the regular ore removal

pictures are above, dont believe me? go to hoboleaks.space and go to the “strings” section and scroll till you find it :slight_smile:

any thoughts? concerns? express away!

(TLDR, reg minerals added to moon ore)

What would be point in removing and adding again minerals?

By comparing builds at hoboleaks, this is only reverting old strings (descriptions) for ore. From before changes. Without effect in reprocessing itself. Actual change are added assets for incoming guristats event.

CCP probably is teasing miners just to enjoy more salt

Ice belts are formed by capsuleer tears freezing in the vacuum of space.


ingame description changes are not a proof of ingame usage change.


I agree, besides, CCP has admitted that they are going to “seed” the test server with false flag and purposely designed inaccuracies to discourage speculation and prior planning by the largest corps/held money. How much and how often wasn’t disclosed, but to let us know that they were doing it is interesting.


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