Holder missing for decades found ! Ealurian tribe rediscovered!

Incredible news reaches Gutter Press from the Khanid Kingdom, where a Holder missing for over three decades on Bomana IV has been found, alive and well !

Incredible !

The Holder, Lady Lucretia Lazair, recently arrived on a primitive sailing vessel at one of the fishing ports in the equatorial regions of the planet, and was able to tell her tale.

Conspiracy !

According to Lady Lucretia, she had recently inherited the holding on the planet, and was flying a light aircraft to survey some of her new possessions, including a large island which her grandfather had attempted to turn into a centre for aquaculture. Her aircraft malfunctioned and crashlanded in the forest, and she was thrown from the wreck, to be rescued and cared for by some local tribespeople. She was able to communicate with these tribespeople and discovered them to be the descendants of Ealurian labourers originally sent there by her grandfather. After discovering from the wreck of the aircraft that it had been sabotaged, she disappeared with the tribespeople into the forest, as it was clear that one or more of her relatives had attempted to assassinate her.

Drama !

After many years, Lady Lucretia was able to instruct the Ealurians in the arts of civilisation, and constructed a sailing ship to return to the more civilised parts of Bomana IV, where she was able to recruit some rowdy Khanid sailors as mercenaries to assault her relative’s manor house, and reclaim her Holding by force, then notify the Kingdom authorities of the matter.

Reclaimed !

Lady Lucretia attributed her survival to her Inherent Implants ‘Holder’ set of implants, which gave her an immune system capable of surviving the jungle environment.

She has also indicated that for their service, the Ealurians are to be made freemen, and allowed to be the sole residents of their island.

Gutter Press. News.


Surely you can’t be serious?


That is my focking line.


Was that an open top vehicle?, otherwise I do not see how she could be thrown out it

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First come, first serve.

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I had nothing to do with this.


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