Duchy Forces Assist in defense of Kahah III

Gavin Salihvir, Fekhoya News Network.
Duchy forces answer the call to defend innocent civilians against the senseless attacks from Heretics and Terrorists. It is unclear at this time how these illegal forcer were able to deposit such large vessels in orbit undetected, but Imperial forces, along with Duchy military regiments were able to intercept and destroy the aggressors before too much damage was done to planetary resources and population centers.

Losses to Duchy forces were moderate. The Lady Duvaul’s personal flagship “Dove of Deritan”, so named after house iconography, was the only loss, however 4,588 souls were lost with her. The Lady Duvaul herself is safe and House Deritan has released a statement mourning the loss of all souls aboard. A memorial will be erected in their honor, and the families impacted by the losses will be cared for. Lady Duvaul will be holding a vigil and recitation when the monument is completed. The loss of the Dove of Deritan, while not catastrophic, does bode ill for the superstitious sort as this was her maiden voyage. House officials refused to comment further and indicate that the superstructure for the replacement is already being fabricated in Duchy shipyards.

This has been a local update. I’m Gavin Salihvir, Fekhoya News Network.

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