Chronicles of a liberal holder part 1

YC 119, Deepari, Amarr Imperial academy.

These are the chronicles of Ignus Veritas.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am what is considered a liberal holder. Certaintly so by Amarrian standards. The slaves in my household live under better cicumstances then the lower ranking employees in most mayor corporations around New Eden. My views on what should happen to Holy Amarr can be considered unorthodox. You can imagine my joy to live under the reign of Empress Catiz Tash-Murkon, long may she rule!

Today is the day I have become a capsuleer. Yes, I died today. Before I died I had a long walk with my chamberlain Arbjan. He chooses to no longer use his Minmatar family name. 15 standard years ago Arbjan was a street thief from Krusual descent who got caught trying to steal fresh water on Mishi I.V. As you might know fresh water is both rare and extremely valuable in those regions. Death by dehydration is what awaited him. Suffice it to say that I intervened.

During my walk with Arbjan we discussed the management of my various holdings. I was allready certain of my discission to become a capsuleer and was basicly transferring all my power and obligations. You should know that Arbjan has had many opportunities to kill me and take my wealth. I had arranged it so because I believe any man is only as strong as the community that supports him. Arbjan never once knicked me with the traditional minmatar razor he used to shave me with everyday. Even though he knew I had documents made up to grand him exemption from punishment should such an event occur. His loyalty is without question. If Arbjan feels he has obligations to the minmatar then he probably thinks he serves them best by serving me. After all I strongly believe the Empire will have to adapt if it is to continue flourishing. It is no longer supreme in terms of millitary or economical might.

Well then, my holdings where transferred to my loyal friend. I died and was reborn. What is next? I hired a ship crew and have bought a Coercer and some salvagers. Many of my fellow true Amarrians will frown at this but I don’t believe we can change Amarr for the better without first dealing with our own thrash. Of course I did not become a capsuleer just to remove garbage from space. I will do anything in my power to help restore the position of Holy Amarr as greatest of all civilizations. Amarr Victor!

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Amarr seriously need to get their terminology straight.

“Liberal Holder” seems to mean half a dozen different things depending on who you’re talking to, all almost diametrically opposed. Here were have “slaves in my household live under better circumstances blah blah” version, where they seem to try that whole “oh I’m so nice” approach which is apparently “liberal”. Most other “Liberal” Holders I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with are very different animals, liberal in the fashion that they give the whole ‘for God’ thing a bit of a miss and deal with slavery as a business and not enlightenment or responsibility, like Empress Kittens exemplifies. At least that bunch have a bit of honesty attached to them, if not scruples.

Or any of the other definitions of liberal you’ll find among the self-styled liberal Holders.

I can almost respect the more classic traditional Holders, you know. Their justifications and goals remain as monstrous as the rest of them, but at least there’s something staunch there. A spine, crooked and twisted it may be.


I used to be Holder. I had “liberal” leanings. Then I chose to be Sani Sabik. Now I am a heretic. There is no such thing as a Liberal Holder. It’s a myth.

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You know, Miz, there’s nothing wrong with looking at slavery as a business - because it’s hideously inefficient and, therefore, wouldn’t prosper in a mass market way for long.

Caldari fetishise efficiency and we didn’t even know what the word “Slave” meant, until the Gallente explained it to us.


Pieter? Um. I really kind of wish I didn’t know this, but the entire region of Curse is snickering right now.


Entirely different form of slavery. Curse doesn’t primarily build its economy on the slaves as a workforce, but as a trade commodity. Of course, there’s cross-over between both wherever there’s slavery of any kind, but comparing the two doesn’t do either justice nor is it helpful when trying to deal with them as an opponent of it.

Pieter is almost right in this particular context, due to how slavery functions in the Empire right now. It is hideously inefficient compared to all three of the other nations and even some of the outlaw “nations”, and only really prospers through sheer bullheadedness, inertia and sheer volume allowing for the ridiculous attrition and inefficiency at the core of it all.

It is, ironically, one of the reasons why the Empire has stalled so hard. In numbers and territory, they could theoretically have taken on all three successfully but their reliance on that incredible inefficiency as a control mechanism holds them back as much as it benefits them.

If the Angels had embraced that kind of… let’s call it a “peasant economy” as an analogy, they’d have collapsed a long time ago because they just don’t have the sheer capacity and numbers for that kind of inefficiency to remain functional. Nor can the Empire truly embrace that kind of economy, much more than Empress Kittens and her kin already do, because that’d collapse their social control mechanism and require a massive restructuring of their base economy and logistics.

Not that it matters all that much in the end. It’s not like either of them are even remotely acceptable to civilized or decent human beings, and bloodshed ensues as a result.


Liberal Holder simply denotes a Holder whose political views tend towards reform of the Imperial institutions to a form that is less Scripture based and more flexible.

It is unsurprising that they have a plethora of views on issues.


Welcome to space Lord Veritas. I wish you the best of luck with your efforts.

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Thank you all for your responses. I must agree on two points. A: the term liberal holder is an umbrella term; it covers a multitude of views that differ from that of traditional holders. B: The way slaves are currently used throughout the Empire is indeed inefficient. To optimize the efficiency of my slaves I have tried to adopt some aspects of Caldari slave keeping. Ergo: waving isk on a stick whilst riding on the back of the slave. I have tried to combine this with some Gallentean tricks on succesful slavery: all my slaves have acces to adult entertainment materials so that they can relieve some stress and percieve their circumstances as acceptable. God gave every being a place in New Eden.
even slaves perform a sacred duty and I have tried to respect them as such.

to quote the Apocryphal scriptures:
“All it requires is the breath of faith
To ignite the fire
So the lost can find their way”

With “the breath of faith” we exhale and spread the word. This is mentioned first and I strongly believe this means we should allways use words to make slaves understand their place in the world. However when we fail to make them see reason the scipture instructs us to “ignite the fire”. I trust you all know what that entails.

Fly safe
Ignus Veritas

Welcome to space, heretic.


Equating shortcomings in the Caldari and Gallente economic and social systems with slavery in Amarr is something I find to be a stretch, at best. Even if you are correct and Caldari and Gallente actually have slaves that doesn’t suddenly make slavery in Amarr right, it just makes the Caldari and Gallente also having slaves wrong.


Yeah, stupid Caldari, motivating workers with self-interest. It’ll never catch on.


Well that didn’t take too long. I rescind my best wishes.


Do not let the naysayers get you down, Lord Veritas. Do what is best for your hold, your people, and your flock. Treat all as they should be; as an internal part of God’s creation, destined for a future of peace, unity and enlightenment.

Unless the Caldari and Gallente stuff wasn’t sarcasm. In that case, you might have to be shot.


… on a sidenote, it should be worrisome that “Caldari Slavekeeping” had me staring dumbfounded at the feed for quite a bit longer than “Gallente Slavekeeping”. I mean, the notion is so inherently alien, in spite of the severely authoritarian society in question.

On another sidenote, this has to be one of the fastest “I would like to be shot by everybody, thank you.” processes I’ve seen for new capsuleers.


I, for one, am keen to see what developments part 2 brings.

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I wouldn’t shoot him.

You can get some really large meat-grinders in the blooder stations a few systems over.


I really feel we’re moving forwards as a civilisation.


Thanks for all your replies. Part two is coming up soon I suspect. As for the subject of slavery, let’s define it shall we? I propose a slave is “one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence.” feel free to add your own definitions. Let’s not pretend that there aren’t many people in New Eden completely subsurvient to making ISK, in wich ISK making does indeed have a dominating influence on their every deed. I would also argue that one who is addicted to something is a slave to her/his cravings. By my own definition I myself am a slave to Holy Amarr. The most important difference between myself and the slaves I keep is that I have willingly chosen my master. Then again, having been raised on Amarr propaganda, one could argue I never really had a choice. It’s all the same to me though. I am a faithful servant of Holy Amarr.

As far as threats of violence go, I see it is not just me that sometimes fails to reach his goals by the power of words. Aren’t we powerless when we see ourselves forced to “knock sense” in those we seek to convince of our rightousness?