Holding down war targets

So some people are going to exclaim I’m a carebear or w/e, I am not. I like pvp and enjoy doing it on my main somewhat regularly (bombers bar is pretty fun).

My question involves bumping. Yes, bumping is perfectly legal according to ccp. I would like to know if it is still legal (as I know there are certain situations where it is not, but am not too familiar with the eula) to bump a war target by using an npc alt? i.e. the npc alt will hold a high value target for quite some time until the actual fleet within the corp warps in to destroy the target.

Thank you for any and all answers, just a question of curiosity. Not complaining or stating that I will use this tactic, just a question.

So if I understand our question correctly, you are wondering if an alt in an npc corp can be used to bump say, an enemy freighter or capital or something, while a fleet from your side of the war is on its way to kill it. (Feel free to correct me if I misinterpreted your question.) As far as I know, yes, this is allowed, as physically ramming ships is not considered to be an act of aggression or combat by the game, and assuming that you are in null, you don’t have to actually be at war to engage someone. (This applies in low as well, but you will get a security status decrease and station/gate guns will fire you if you are at the gate/station.)

I’m not sure why you would do that when OP asked specifically about war targets? High sec is the place to war.

While it does apply to low, and null (and high) but you won’t get a sec status decrease, because as you also mention

OP, in any space you can bump another ship until your attacking force arrives, best of luck.


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