Hologramic Target Disruptors

Wish you good health and peace.
“Hologramic Target Disruptor” is a ship module and works as scanner probes which you use in exploration missions. It contains 4, 6 or 8 (may vary) small probes or other future-defined name and it works in this procedure;
Especially for small ships, when in heavy attack by a large ship in low-sec, after it is launched it mimics that there are 6 other target as the same ship. In other words; when it is launched, the attacker sees 6 other ships to target for a limited time and in this limited time, the original ship’s pilot will have enough time to escape from the attack; that means the pilot will enough time to warp.
It might be placed in mid-power slot that enables to use scanner probes at the same time.
I hope that I made a point of view.
Hope you enjoy the game.

Like Mirror Image from d&d, eh?

Well, we already have things like ECM drones, midslot ECM, and warp core stabilizers. So, you might want to give those options a try.

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