Signature Jammer

I have three suggestions for new technology.

  1. a module that projects a larger ship signature/silhouette on scans. For instance a frigate that appears as a specified type of cruiser. Modules are specific and set on being installed. For instance, an Iteron can fit a module that makes it appear on scans as a Loki, and only as a Loki. This module has to be activated and is rather energy intensive.

  2. a module that actively projects several other fake signatures, and can only be fit on battlecruisers or larger. It allows a vessel to project 2 specific and specified ships that do not exist on signature scans.

  3. Holo emitter - a module that projects fake ships in the wake of projecting vessel at a certain range and above. This module can only be fit on larger ships (…) and projects 1 “fake” ship hologram per skill level of a lower class. The module is specific and projects only specific holograms. For instance, a Myrmidon battlecruiser fit with a holoprojector that ONLY allows it to project Ares interceptor images. To anyone at a certain range (say, hundred+ kilometers) the tailing holograms stay in a specific spot relative to the projecting vessel and show up on long range scans - but at closer ranges the images become diffuse and are revealed as fake blips.

These new technologies are plausible, realistic in the narrative of the game, but would massively impact the style certain factions play. These technologies should impact the way NPC’s make decissions about engaging player ships.

So the whole point of this idea is “I don’t have friends but want something else to take damage for me when I PvE”.

Go talk to people, make friends, join corporations and ask them to help you out. We shouldn’t be asking for in game changes to replace more people. Eve is a social game.

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