Honest* Nolak's Payday Loan Shack!

Hello, good citizens of New Eden!

I’m here to offer some of my ISK to those who need a bit of cash to finance their carrier, supercarrier, or titan.

Rates are variable depending on your assets for collateral and duration of loan.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a minor loan!

Common Questions:

Q: Hey Nolak. How do I go about getting a loan from you?

A: It’s easy! Figure out how much you’d like to borrow, how long you’d like to borrow it for, and what you can put up as collateral. Then shoot me a PM on discord (AJ Crendraven#4547), a mail or convo in-game, and we can finalize your loan!

Q: What’s your rates, and how much collateral do I need?
A: First time rate is 10% / month, with 100% minimum collateral. I am open to over-collateralization for reduced monthly payments. Those with distinguished history with me will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Q: I have [insert special circumstance/request here]. What do?

A: Open a conversation with me in-game or on Discord at AJ Crendraven#4547! I’m open to negotiation, and I try to be fair.

Q: I’m gonna be late on a payment. What do?

A: Talk to me. If you tell me you can only do a half-payment or need one more day, it’s fine if you let me known beforehand. I’m not Bank of America; I ain’t gonna slap you with a 500m late fee (maybe you, Kaga and Munk).

Q: Is there a way I can get a loan without collateral?

A: Not really. Repeat customers will be offered special rates and offers as well as those with excellent history of loans with me. Again, talk to me and we’ll see if we can’t work something out.

Bump for comms.



I need 20,000 isk to cover ammo for my workhorse (rifter), pay day isn’t for 3 weeks though as I get paid monthly and already spent it on food & gas.

My collatoral is this JPG which is worth at least 22,000 isk.



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Looking at my zkillboard and decide that i might need a loan for a phoenix…is making me less interested in a loan


Bumpeth for Fajita Shack

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