honksFM, Goosefleet Announce Additional Ventures with Amarr Empire


honksFM, Goosefleet Announce Additional Ventures with Amarr Empire

J-SPACE, YC124-08-23 - Continuing its mission of bringing honk-focused programming to the galaxy, honksFM (Ticker:KNOH) has announced additional programming blocks to go with its popular “Birds of Pray” segment. These untitled blocks, airing at 0200 and 1400 ET, promise to bring the words of Pax Amarria to the masses in new and innovative ways.

“We just really love it, and wish to spread the word [of Amarr] to the world,” said honksFM Director of Station Operations and Goosefleet (Ticker:GANDR) CEO Mikhail Petrokov, “After years of planning, we’re finally ready to embark on the next phase of our operations and we hope all of you will join us in honking the good word to the heavens.”

Existing ventures with the Amarr Empire include:

  • Birds of Pray – A programming block featuring exclusive honk-based worship music
  • Honk Through Our Holes Sweepstakes - a lucky capsuleer and five of their closest friends can win an all expenses paid trip (5 days, 4 nights) deep into wormhole space to visit honksFM station headquarters, where they will receive a tour of the station and signed copies of Pax Amarria from DJ Venture herself
  • Are You Being Rescued? – Complementary copies of Pax Amarria are being deposited alongside Eve-Scout rescue caches across wormhole space for the benefit of all capsuleers seeking salvation in unforgiving space

About honksFM

A skunkworks project of Goosefleet LLC, honksFM soft launched in YC124 to provide new and innovative commercial-free programming to capsuleers across New Eden. Its meteoric growth has made it the top new radio station among all listener brackets in polls conducted by CTC in Q2 of YC124.

About Goosefleet

As J-space’s premier supplier of station containers, vaults, and warehouses, Goosefleet provides invaluable citadel-scale storage solutions for thousands of capsuleers daily.

Media contact:
Catgirl Bargains

Source: Goosefleet LLC

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Fluid router signal emissions place a k-space repeater of the KNOH HonksFM signal somewhere in the general vicinity of the stellar anomaly dubbed Caroline’s Star (the visible effect of a superluminal stellar nova event in the system of W477-P).

Multiple untested theories, ranging from a simple piggybacked repeater on the remains of a stargate to a manipulation of the persistent carrier wave of the superluminal nova, have been presented to Empire space but remain untested.

I would be happy, on behalf of LUMEN, to donate some lovely Amarr uniforms for the winners of the expense paid trip. Thanks for spreading the Good Word!

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