Hey Capsulars!!

It’s dj NME back with another awesome event that will take place in game in just a few hours! If you listen to EVE Radio then you are already aware, but we want to welcome others to join in the fun!

The event will take place within 7 jumps of JITA starting at 21:00… It will be a high security space system. I will have an alt that will be attackable in a freighter filled with 3-4 bil in loot. So make sure you bring your sticky fingers to the event.

I will also be giving away a CARRIER (Thanny) hull to Final Blow, over all top damage will get a Navy raven, with a faction fit. There will also be prizes for those attending and different give aways during my radio show. to tune and get the fine details. As we near the final hour of my show, the location will be revealed and all will get the chance to get great killmail, loot and prizes!

I hope to see you there!!!


March 31st 21:00 there will be a suspect freighter roaming around jita… clues will be given and community has chance to shoot and loot!

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Really fun event, many thanks dj NME! :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot I got of the dead Freighter (I’m in the Machariel)

Zkillboard link:

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