Hord? good idea?

This is the beginning of your direct message history with @Nidsy .

Nidsy Last Sunday at 9:14 PM

just leave

you have 24 hours

September 24, 2018

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 9:41 AM


Nidsy Yesterday at 9:41 AM

Befoee I remove you from Corp

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 9:41 AM

why is this a thing?

lets go to mummble so we can speak plainly?

Nidsy Yesterday at 9:45 AM

I am at work

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 9:46 AM

so later maybe? i would like to know who you are and what you know about what

Nidsy Yesterday at 9:47 AM

But if you need an explanation, you were warned twice to not sexually provoke people in Corp, and then you were sitting in peoples sites with a fleet refusing to leave until they finjshed them

If you don’t know who I am. Ask about Nidia masters, people will let you know

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 9:49 AM

well ok dont know about the provoking of sex matters but the site was unfinished last night

as will at least 6 wittnesses will contest to

Nidsy Yesterday at 9:50 AM

That’s not your job to police it

If it bothers you tell someone higher up

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 9:50 AM

i wasnt i was finishing it

Nidsy Yesterday at 9:50 AM

But don’t sit in the site with 6 other people

Yeah that’s not what they said, and given the history I am not really. Inclined to believe you

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 9:51 AM

what history? do i know you ? have we spoken?

you dont have to believe me there are 6 others who where there

maybe they would be more crediblity

Nidsy Yesterday at 9:54 AM

You can have all six of them message me on discord then to tell me their side of the story


Is this you?

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 9:59 AM

for sure that was us but when we warped into the site it was half done and they warped in behind us and it was almost completed before they said anything, what happened far as i could tell was they had to warp off the repair, and according to hord site if you warp out for that the site is open. corrrect? or am i reading it wrong

when they reported that i was hoping someone would set them strait on ratting as far as returning to the site and finishing it so it will respon

as far as the sexual stuff i really need a refresher for that because i have not had anyone one speak to me or anyone else i was in channel with about that subject

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:14 AM

this is a game and not real life, for most of us it is a way to relax and enjoy some comradery this is way to much real life drama for a game and im sorry that it is on your plate, and this is just my opinion but it real seems

like its a small thng

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:24 AM

i have a very specific set of ppl i channel with because of the complaints that others have made about conversations of others so the sex stuff is IDK

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:37 AM

for me and others i enjoy talking to, no subject is unapproachable because we are adults and can handle it like. that being said if someone joins a channel we are in and finds it offensive like adults they can find conversation more to there liking

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:41 AM

You’re telling a girl in Corp you want to show your family jewels

Your being an ass

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:44 AM

just a thought what if the person making the complaint to you was trying to control the havens in that system by starting the sites, not finishing the site so someone thinks they are still there. and then finishing it at there convenience.

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:46 AM

So you did not have a noob fleet sitting in the sites refusing to move?

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:47 AM

ah i see its personal. so by saying you have spoken to me twice about that you were just trying to justify removing from the corp. you nor has anyone ever spoken to me about sexual harassment and to say so is a false.

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:48 AM

So now you’re calling landscapers liars?

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:48 AM

yes we did refuse to move because the site was empty and they warp in insisting we leave

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:48 AM

Did you or did you not

Go to a a girl and tell her sexual remarks

Yes or no

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:49 AM

if your stance is that I have been spoken to about sexual harassment then yes that is what i am sayiing

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:50 AM

Youve come up on our radar 3 times in one week

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:52 AM

so speak to me and not accuse me of things others a re blowing up. we are all adults we can talk respectfuly to each other

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:52 AM

Apparently we cannot that’s why we are here

Ok here’s ne speaking as an adult

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:52 AM

have you tried

no one has said anything to me at anytime

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:54 AM

There have been multiple complaints levied, and we have evidence of you acting somewhat uncouth. We are going to be going in a different direction, pandemic Horde wishes you the best in future endeavours

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:54 AM

you are insisting i have been spoken to and that is a falsehood

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:54 AM

No I am saying complaints were levied

Too many too fast

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:55 AM

then bring them to me instead of accusations

you are being unreasonable

Nidsy Yesterday at 10:56 AM

Convince me you are worth it then

Tell me why you should stay in vorp6


Tell me what you will bring to the table

Don’t complain or make accusations

Sell yourself

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 10:57 AM

talk to me and the ppl i hang with as well as others to join us all the time, you are set against me so they need to speak for me

im sorry did not mean to come acrossest as compaining, one of the down sides to typeing os an inability to put in imotion

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:07 AM

others will" sell “me i wont need too. I am a great person and dont have a need to convince someone who has never spoken to me or even join a channel where i have been of my worth, those who ratt with me and the fleets i have been on seem for the most part to enjoy my participation in there fleets. Sorry if this hurts your feelings but you are no one to me and my self worth is something you can not grasp since you dont know me. what i do know and you do as well is that ppl can be ■■■■■■ up individuals capable of self interests and drama in a world that is just set up for fun” in short " some ppl just want the world to burn.

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:10 AM


What is wrong with you lol

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:11 AM

dont know? what did you see that i didnt

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:12 AM

“some ppl just want the world to burn”

That’s your response to your behaviour

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:13 AM


its not

im speaking of others who are miserable but i see where i went wrong sorry

its actually a quote from a movie

and again you are assuming it is my behavior and i will admit the family jewels was way out of what is normal for me and my apology’s for that but if she wanted an apology from me then tell me you didnt like that and i will apologies, its ok for someone to make a mistake . right?

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:18 AM

You seem to make a lot of them

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:19 AM

again you are assuming, with the acceptation of the family jewels i have not done anything wrong

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:20 AM

Heres the deal

I am. Gonna speak to her

It’s 100% her decision whether or not she wants to accept your apology and keep her


Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:21 AM

what deal are we referring to? if i can know

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:22 AM

If she wants to keep you, we keep you, with conditions Ofcourse

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:30 AM

ok so i am going to send this to Alcoholic satan and some others

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:31 AM

“some others”

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:31 AM


is that ok with you ?

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:31 AM

Satan was the one that brought this to our attention

So, you do that

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:31 AM


Nidsy Yesterday at 11:32 AM

But you’re still gonna be going when I get home


Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:32 AM

ahh ok well that is not what you just said a sec ago

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:40 AM

are you the person i offended or is something else going on that is affecting this

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:42 AM

No it’s not me

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:43 AM

well then lets see what you and i can make sense of what is actually going on

can we try this? come into chat with me after work and lets have a heart to heart so you can do your work and take care of real life, and leave this junk for latter

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:47 AM

Like gonna be super honest with you, it was discussed in committee, it’s not just me

And she would like you to go

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:50 AM

well that is something we can defiantly work on, but let me say that if i am to be released from here, is not fair to hear me out?

there is a whole world out there that is messed up does it have to spill into eve as well

Nidsy Yesterday at 11:57 AM

Omfg I’ve been dealing with this for 90 minutes

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 11:58 AM

well even if it is to be, live is to short for me to get offended by this. I only wish the best gaming experience for all of us and im sorry that i was not afforded the opportunity to apologies to her for my lack of good judgment. I hope the rest of her life will go better than it did for her that day. thank you and i hope i get the chance to continue to be a part of the friends i have made here in hord.

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 3:10 PM

what time do you get off, i still think this is resolvable

Nidsy Yesterday at 8:03 PM

no it isnt

i dont know what else to tell you dude

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 8:05 PM


How do you get to where you are being that person

Nidsy Yesterday at 8:06 PM

i’mdoing you a favour by giving you notice, trust me i didnt (and probably shouldnt) have to

Serenity84078 Yesterday at 8:08 PM

They said you have a lot of hate but didn’t think one could have this much. Someday you will run over the wrong person, but not today.

Nidsy Yesterday at 8:23 PM

you have an hour to go, dont waste it and dont make me change my mind please/ what do you think?

isn’t it against the rules to run sites in landscapers space anyways ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Should’ve used that hour well and begun awoxing In stead of crying here

Nidia is a liar.

He has a thing he want to do and will just find any reason to justify his aggression - without telling you why.
None of his excuses make any sense, but he doesn’t care - telling him they don’t is a good enough reason for him.

They should rename it to Hitleric hord.

I honestly can’t tell who’s in the wrong from that conversation, but given that you went all ape-■■■■ and posted it in public, I’m going to have to assume it’s you.

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