Don’t need details. Its all a matter of opinion but I hate the layouts, the organization, the grouping of topics and the entire visual presentation. Even though reddit has become a swamp of “rage” I’ll probably just start using reddit for all eve posting if these are our new improved eve forums.


it’s by far one of the best minimalist forum designs i ever seen, and design is what i do for living.

just keep up the good work, ignore haters :wink:

PS. Steve Ronuken, did you if have anything to do with this change?

PS2. i’m totally stealing the timeline display on the right side :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seems to be designed to work on a tablet or phone. Also seems slower than old form. So far not sure if it is any better. ctrl - makes it somewhat more bearable.

Okay the forum rules are very clear about being nice and I’m going to turn a new leaf. All criticism from now on will have one positive for each negative. here goes.

CCP your hair looks lovely today. The forums should be burned to the ground.


So far have only been using them on iphone… if this is better than what it’ll look like on desktop I should probably not even look.

just kidding, this is pretty cool for avoiding page reloads in the same thread. While the forum received a much deserved makeover I hope your hair stays just the way it is

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now remove your iphone from your safe walls and wifi - move out into the wilderness with a 50 mbyte per month data-volume - and imagine loading one of the larger threads here … you will INSTANTLY want a page style back to keep your iphone from wasting the entire monthly volume on a single thread loaded with images and embedded video content …

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criticism vs feedback. Say the same thing but not the same way.

(+ if only the title didn’t have that hor r ible typo) :parrot:

@Drizzd : don’t get a 50mb/month data volume and iphone, that’ll solve the issue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But tbh, since it doesn’t load everything unless you scroll, you’re fine, and you’ll have the same data as if this were pages

“Don’t get an iphone”

I just fixed it for you :dreidelparrot:

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Oh … did I hit a soft spot ? … OK … I’m using Android 7 here and have a gbyte monthly volume. Still I dont want to waste great parts of my data-volume because this forum software only knows 1 page for a whole thread and has to load it somehow …
And what great sense do you see in “dont scroll” … incidentally most people will want to scroll down and read the messages while doing so - to see the last message and possibly post their answer to the thread or to one of the messages.

You could turn off image loading. i don’t see your problem; there are choices you can make that help you.

if you scroll to see the answers, you’ll actually use less data than a “per page” forum.


  • because you only load text (at most, the replies images the post contains)
  • you’ll not load each time the whole website (which you do with “pages”)
  • you can jump to the end / any part of the thread (using “end” key or the “thing” on the right) and it’ll load only part of the thread, not everything to this jump.

Didn’t made the comparison with the old forum, but pretty sure you’ll use less data here than there. (considering a thread without pictures, because that’ll obviously increase load size)

Well, was curious so I made the test.

I cleared all my cache, so full load on first page each time

First load is heavy (around 700ko-1Mo), because all JS and other stuff (i’m not taking images / emojies into accout). You won’t redownload these, thanks browser cache.
If you scroll down, you’ll see in the network load of your browser json pages, containing the posts you’ll load: ~2-10ko each time.


  • loading the first 200 posts used 2Mo (because of cache was empty and some images)
  • loading new answers will do in less than 10ko
  • closing and opening again and loading the same 200 posts (without clearing cache): ~122ko

Now compared to the current forum, with a thread like this : https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=369477

  • first page ~700ko (cache was clean before)
  • every page, once cache is used is around 50-150ko, depending on the content

So yes, heavier load the first page, but after it’ll use less data here with longer use.

What’s ko and mo? don’t you mean kb and mb ?

ko/mo = kB/mB = 8 kb/mb
octet / bytes / bits

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ah, thanks! but why would you call it like this instead of how everyone understands it?

Because it depends on where you live: in France you commonly use octets, not bytes for example.
It’s the same, most people knows it, some don’t. It’s mostly a matter of habit i’d say :slight_smile:

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ah. france. yes. these special snowflakes…

anyhow, that makes sense. :slight_smile:


While i’m totally agree with OP, i’ll try to make a constructive feedback.

  1. This forum design is uncomfortable - at least for non-mobile users. It’s overloaded with info and options, while a lot of space is just wasted.

  2. New “compact” forum sections is probably good for mobile screens, but it’s harder to read them now. Uncomfortable again.

  3. No char selection “on-fly”. It was a good feature, some people would miss it.

  4. User ranks. It’s childish.

  5. Images, GIFs and videos in posts. It seems to be a good idea. But now CCP personnel answer to users with memes and funny pics - what can we expect from others? Old forums were not a kindergarten.

New forums are mobile and kids oriented.

By CCP’s policy “No turn back” we can’t expect these new forums to be cancelled, so users can olny adapt or go away. Don’t be surprised to see some of 'em really go away.


The only involvement was a little feedback when it was being tested, before it reached everyone else :slight_smile:

There are solid technical reasons for replacing the old forums.