Total mess.

Zero design.


useful feedback. Very detailed.

Horrible has 2 r’s by the way.




What details you need for word “mess”?
Mess is just mess. You think, there is more different messes around?

What details you need for word “zero”?
How much detailed zero you need?


So yes, its horible… … sigh …

Wish people use brain sometimes…

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You could mention what makes it a mess. I dislike it but as of right now, I no longer have the widest scroll bar ever seen to man and my screen get actual usage instead of only like 60%. There are some stuff they can try to change. It’s not perfect but at least they seem willing to put in some effort to make it better.

Basically what OP said. Zero design, lots of wasted space.

Oh, and ugly faces all over the forum…

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Am I allowed to report posts for being crimes against grammar/spelling?



Have you tried the wide theme?

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But whats the mess - reading has never been cleaner? It is a WIP but if you cant provide an example of the mess - you aren’t really adding to the conversation - just adding salt.

Zero design? The choices made are design. The entire thing is a design

Perhaps you should go into some detail as what you expect DESIGN to be if you consider there to be zero.

If you mean flashy buttons and somethinh liken to old forums - you clearly are so out of touch with contemporary web design and UX, that your commentary adds so little.

Wish people would use their words sometimes rather than being reactionary about EVERYTHING.


By “zero design” I mean parts of the forum standing out like a sore thumb. It is literally painful to see.

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Oh i understand what you were saying and agree . I would not call it ZERO design - I’d call it inappropriate.

The clean - minimalism is a design choice.

post was more for OP who isnt constructive.

such insight
much words
Much words

(devs trolling means it’s free4all?)



Very useful feedback indeed. :+1:

I think it will take some warming up to get used to the new feel. I do miss having large character pictures/avatars tho. Seems too small.

I am disappointed with the new forum layout.

For reasons I am unable to explain, but attribute solely to the revision of the forum layout, it took over a dozen posts before the OP was trolled for spelling “horrible” wrong.

This surely cannot be “functioning as intended”.

Yes I called you “Shirley”: Live with it.

ummm what code forum is this? that way i never use it!


And I did comment on it. pay no mind to the edit icon.

as far as you can see when reading more than just 1 thread … its discourse …normally highly costumizable / configurable … especially colour themes - which ccp seem to have problems with.

Oh come on now… It’s not that bad.

…Just imagin you have just hobbled off your boat…

Your knee and wrist stumps are red and chafed from your wooden leg and brass hook…

You are tired form hauling the old and heavy rope in from the sails… …you stumble and sway as you adjust to solid ground again after weeks at sea… Your mind drifts off to the sound of rum and smell of woman…

Then out of nowhere three vikings appear, put a sack over your head and shuffle you off into a glass office and tell you to make a new forum or they will burn yer ship!

You have no idea what a forum is so you start making knots hoping they will be impressed. They glare at your perfect cleat hitch but give you one hour and slam the door, leaving you alone with a beeb beeb machine and a rubber glove.

Poor chap, I dont think he needs any more negative comments.