Hotdropoclock Enterprises [USRK] Recruiting Pilots!

(Rolanwar) #1

Are you getting enough salt in your diet? Are you ready to find that forever home? Want some serious content without the uptight attitudes?

Tired of listening to 15-year-olds bitch on comms about trivium?

Are you ready to join a warfighting, blopsing, hot dropping, tactics-oriented group of grown-assed-men-and-women who actually have some damn goals and give a f**k about their reputations?

Hotdrop’o’clock Enterprises wants YOU!!!

USRK is now recruiting F1 Smashers,Mad Bombers, Blopsers, Explorers, Dictors, Hunters, Cavemen, Cap Pilots, High-Risk-Miners (Carebears need not apply), and could seriously use a bear trainer.

We’ve got Sov, stations, solid ratting, good belts, and all the pvp you can eat right next door!

This is a wartime recruitment push. You will NOT be left wanting for content.

If you can fly a ship, produce a full API (account), and demonstrate non-shitbag-qualities in comms, you can be a member of our growing team!

PST or Mail Rolanwar in game for more details!

(CPT Jack Swallows) #2

Ive been a part of this community for a few months and i can tell you it was the greatest mistake in my life, ever since i joined ive slowly been Mericanised.

For some reason i have been craving owning an UZI, drinking Jack Daniels in the morning and everytime i order bacon i ask for a pound of it.

5/7 Corporation 7/5 hot bewbs.